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Can USB provide 48V phantom power?

Can USB provide 48V phantom power?

Phantom power has very little current requirements, so a step-up voltage converter can easily provide +48V from USB power.

Can you get phantom power from USB?

USB microphones can only carry the 5 volts that the connection allows and hence, you can’t send the full 48 volts through a USB cable. There is no way you can damage either a dynamic microphone or a USB microphone with phantom power because those 48 volts will never reach the capsule.

Does phantom power affect sound?

Phantom power therefore does not reduce noise, but it does provide the microphone with the necessary boost in power that it needs to record audio. If you attempt to use a condenser microphone without phantom power, there may be significant amounts of noise present in the signal.

What microphones require phantom power or 48 volts?

Microphone Current Draw

Microphone Voltage Specified (volts) Current Draw (mA)
Neumann TLM170 48 2
Neumann SM69 48 0.8
Neumann USM69 48 2 x 0.7
Neumann KU 81 I 48 2 x 0.7

Does a USB condenser mic need phantom power?

In short – no external phantom power is needed for a USB mic. If it is a USB condenser mic, the phantom power is built in. If you have an XLR condenser microphone then you will almost certainly require a phantom power supply.

How much power does a USB mic need?

5 volts
USB mics are designed to take what they need from the +5 volts provided by the USB connector (and ultimately by the connecter computer).

Will phantom power damage an SM7B?

No matter where you take the Shure SM7B, you need an XLR cable to plug into an audio interface or mixer. Contrary to my initial assumption, the Shure SM7B does not require phantom power. That said, it won’t damage the equipment if you happen to use it with a CL-1 Cloudlifter.

Can I use a condenser mic without phantom power?

Although there’s no way to use a condenser mic without phantom power, you can use a condenser mic without an audio interface, or mixing board, straight to your computer. To do that you need you need an XLR to USB pre amp, such as the MXL Mic Mate Pro.

What do you need to know about 48V Phantom Power?

48V Phantom power is not sent to any 1/4″ jack inputs, these are used for line or instrument inputs. This power may damage some older or ‘vintage’ equipment (For example Ribbon mics). Check the user guide or contact the manufacturer of any equipment you are connecting if you do not know if it will be damaged by this power.

How can Some USB 2.0 audio interfaces support Phantom Power?

If you need phantom power for one input and another input is a high-impedance unbalanced instrument input, having the latter not pick up any converter whine in the range of the A/D converters requires careful design of internal shielding and operating frequencies. Some work, some not. Creating 48V from 5V is done by a converter.

Where does Phantom Power go on a Focusrite microphone?

Condenser microphones require power to work, on Focusrite interfaces when you press the ’48V’ button, phantom power (48V) is sent to the XLR microphone input for that input (or inputs). 48V Phantom power is not sent to any 1/4″ jack inputs, these are used for line or instrument inputs.

Can a passive ribbon microphone use 48V Phantom Power?

Passive Ribbon microphones (particularly vintage ones) can be severely damaged if phantom power is sent to them, so it is always advisable to contact the microphone manufacturer or check the user manual before connecting them. Besides microphones, there is other equipment that may use 48V Phantom Power.