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Can you choose which ACT scores to send?

Can you choose which ACT scores to send?

This means that, when you are sending scores to colleges, you have to choose which administration results you will send to themand schools will not be able to see what you got on any other ACTs, or even if you took the ACT more than once.

Can you choose which SAT subject scores to send?

Score Choice is a feature available to students. However, some colleges require students to submit all scores. The College Board does not release test scores without student consent. Colleges, universities, and scholarship programs will receive only the scores applicants send them.

What is the lowest score for Act?

The ACT is scored out of a total of 36 points — this is known as the composite, or total, score. The lowest possible composite score is 1. This score is calculated by averaging all the ACT sections.

What is a really bad ACT score?

In other words, to be above average nationally, you need at least a 21 ACT composite score. Any composite 16 or lower is in the bottom 25%. If you score below 16 or lower on the ACT, your score is definitely in the very low range nationwide.

Can I get into college with a 15 ACT score?

In addition, almost all colleges listed for which ACT data is available (around 1,337 at the time of publication) have student bodies where 75% or more of the entering class scored 15 or above on the ACT. Basically, if you’re looking to submit your ACT scores to colleges, 15 is a good baseline to start from.

What is the lowest ACT score to get into college?


What is the lowest ACT score to get into Harvard?

Currently, the average composite ACT score for students accepted to Harvard is 34! The 25th percentile for Harvard ACT scores is 33 and the 75th percentile is 35. So again, this means if you score less than 33, you’ll be below average compared to other applicants. If you score a 35 or higher, you’ll be above average.