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Can you run a mini spool on the street?

Can you run a mini spool on the street?

You can,. if you dont drive that far or that often. Most tires are not the the same size. One tire will wear out faster than the other.

Are mini spools illegal?

Spools are illegal, but then again, so is speeding, burnouts, technically any aftermarket modification is illegal, so go for it!

Is a mini spool good for drag racing?

Because they have no moving parts, spools can handle more torque than a conventional differential, and are much lighter. They also lock both axles in place so that they both put power to the ground with equal torque and traction. Many weekend racers use mini spools as a lower-cost alternative to a full spool.

What is a mini spool locker?

A mini spool just replaces the spider gears and is cheaper than a regular spool. aka it is like a lincoln locker but not hack. Some spools will not lock up immediately and are turning friendly most are not. A locker is either 100% locked or 100% open and you can choose when so turning and street driving is fine.

What is a differential spool?

Spool. A spool is essentially a differential delete that permanently locks the left and right axle shafts together. Full power is transmitted to both the left and right tires at all times.

What is full spool diff?

A full spool is a single piece that replaces the entire differential carrier with a single piece of metal that attaches to the ring gear and the axles. For axles the use C-clips, you’ll also need to buy and have C-clip eliminators installed.

Are spools good for drag racing?

For a dedicated drag car that goes in a straight line it’s pretty much a no-brainer that a spool is the way to go. With torque applied equally to both rear wheels, it makes for optimum acceleration potential.

What is the difference between a locker and a spool?

A spool never unlocks, they all handle the same as a welded diff. Both wheels turn at exactly the same speed all the time. A locker unlocks with a certain amount of turning force if it’s an auto locker, or when selected if it’s some kind of manual locker.

Can you daily drive a spool?

It’ll work, but its hard on tires, and kinda limits where you can go and how you drive.

Is a spool better than a locker?