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Create fun educational materials on the Internet

Tool for developing interactive e-learning materials, a review of which we will make freely use any Internet user. In contrast to the earlier Articulate Storyline and iSpring Suite, web services Learning Apps is absolutely free. And, although it can be used to create a small interactive tasks, in combination with the learning management system (LMS) such as Moodle, you can design a very colorful and interesting e-course.

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Learning Apps enables the following types of interactive educational elements:

  • the choice of words from the text
  • making words from letters
  • find a pair and matching in the grid (matching images with names, audio or video)
  • the match table (the same as above, but need to pick up a variety of concepts for each category)
  • classification (distribution of knowledge elements by category)
  • find on the map (using markers on the interactive Google map)
  • quiz with input text (write the answers to the sequence of questions on the images)
  • quiz multiplayer (online game like the famous game show “jeopardy”)
  • mindmap (creation of maps)
  • notebook (notebook)
  • qikpad (a notebook with sharing)
  • audio/video content
  • calendar (schedule)
  • chat

The principle of the service is similar to services such as Youtube. Someone creates a training element, while other users access it, for example, the link or via qr code. It is best to understand the possibilities, you can looked already developed interactive elements.

Instrumentation service allows you to create classrooms, inviting them to his disciples on the hyperlink. For classes, you can create sets of training elements and ensure that one of the students was able to successfully perform the task, and who could not. The students themselves can also create educational items that will be placed in a common set of class members.

This functionality makes the site Learning Apps essentially a simple cloud-based LMS. But the most interesting thing is that the elements developed in the Learning Apps can be saved in SCORM format. The SCORM package file can then be placed in a full-fledged e-learning system, for example: example Learning Apps.

The Creator of the site Learning Apps is a non-profit organization consisting of scientists from several European universities: University of education of Bern (Switzerland), University of Mainz (Germany) and the University of Zittau and the city of görlitz (Germany). All services are provided free of charge but without warranty. The user creating e-learning materials using Learning Apps agrees that other users may use the materials free of charge and without reference to the author.