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Do rear wheels have CV joints?

Do rear wheels have CV joints?

They are mainly used in front wheel drive vehicles. Modern rear wheel drive cars with independent rear suspension typically use CV joints at the ends of the rear axle halfshafts and increasingly use them on the drive shaft.

Do new CV axles come greased?

In that case a low-mileage used CV axle may be your only choice. If you’re working with a used CV axle, it might be a good idea to remove the boots to clean the joints and add new grease before installation. Remanufactured CV axles come ready for installation no CV grease needed.

How do I know if my rear CV joints are bad?

These are the symptoms of a bad or failing CV axle shaft assemblyLoud clicking noises when turning. One of the most common and most noticeable symptoms of a bad or failing CV axle shaft assembly is an audible clicking noise when turning. Grease on edge of tire. Excessive vibration while driving.

How much does it cost to fix a broken CV joint?

With two CV joints to replace you could be paying upwards of $400 just for the parts and the labour cost will likely be slightly less since your mechanic is going to be down there repairing one anyway but you can expect to pay anywhere between $800 and $1,200 at least to get them both replaced if that’s what your car …