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Do SkyClan cats go to StarClan?

Do SkyClan cats go to StarClan?

When the Clans travel to a new territory, StarClan follows them in the sky so they can continue watching over them. When SkyClan moved to a new territory, their ancestors separated from StarClan and left with them.

Can warrior cats have kits in StarClan?

Can starclan cats have kits? * There is a slim chance they can have kits, to do this note the group about having kits in star clan (the founder will roll a pair of D20 dice, if either numbers is a 2 or 3 your cat can get pregnant.)

Who did graystripe love more?

Graystripe really does love Millie and they have lots of adventures together as well as a litter of three kits. Graystripe does sound sad and lonely without Millie in the elders den with him.

Can you become leader in Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition?

This is for roleplay ideas and how to get in roleplays in the Roblox warrior cat games. If this against the rules is some games, it’s because the game I play is Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition. 1- Normal. You can go from kit to warrior/ med, even become leader!

How to be a villain in Clan cats?

Be a villain (or hero) of the clan cats, switch up the colors and suffix, and you can put in your description something like, “Mapleshade reborn.” 4- Zodiac Roleplay. This one is used a lot, but it’s a pretty good roleplay. Choose your zodiac sign and roleplay as its supposed personality.

What are the rules for playing warrior cats?

Warrior cats ultimate edition says , quote, ‘ Do not insult or harass people for playing as non-cats, as it is against our rules to do so ‘ . Hope this helps! ♥ – anonymous ) Use decent grammar. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it’s hard to get a roleplay if you say, “Do u wanna rp wit me?”

Who are the BloodClan Warriors in StarClan?

Welcome to BloodClan, a group of rogues loosely banding together for protection against twolegs and other outside threats. Cats here don’t have belief in StarClan and most don’t have knowledge of the four clans that live in the forest. Members of this ‘clan’ are typically vicious, cruel, and at times bloodthirsty.