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Do you need a negative Covid test to fly Delta?

Do you need a negative Covid test to fly Delta?

Yes. All customers, including U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents, aged 2 and over flying from an international destination to the United States must obtain a negative COVID-19 test result within 3 days of departure and confirm their negative result by signing an attestation form.

Can you get Delta If you’ve had Covid?

The bottom line: People who previously had COVID-19 are wondering how strongly they are protected from the delta variant. Studies have shown that, in general, reinfection is rare due to the complex nature of our immune systems.

How do I read a standby list on Delta?

The SkyMiles App You can only see if you’r eon the Standby list if you have a reservation on that flight. When viewing your reservation, you will see a tab for Upgrade and another for Standby. Clicking on either of these will show you the names of the customers on standby including yourself.

What does being on standby for a flight mean?

Flying standby used to mean showing up at the airport without a ticket and trying to land a discounted seat on an undersold flight. Now, you often need a ticket to be eligible to fly standby, but you may be able to catch an earlier flight, get an upgraded seat, or fly to a different airport in your destination city.

Can I change my flight on Delta?

Like many airlines, Delta offers reduced change fees and a few special options for changing your flight plans within 24 hours of your flight’s originally scheduled departure. If you want to change to a similar fare/seat class on another Delta flight that leaves on the same day as your original flight, you can do so for $75.

What is the cancellation policy for Delta Airlines?

Delta Award Cancellation Policy for SkyMiles Redemptions. The policy that applies to almost all scenarios is the 72 hour rule. Any booked award travel that departs within 72 hours is ineligible to be refunded or changed and the SkyMiles are forfeited.

How do I get a refund for a Delta Flight?

Head over to the Check Refund Status page

  • and refund request number
  • Click continue and you’ll then see the refund request pop up and it should include the amount and the status
  • How do you change your flight on Delta Airlines?

    Changing Your Flight Visit the Delta website and click My Trips. Input your flight details. Change the dates and details of the flight and click search. Click the new flight that you want. Pay for the new flight. Call Delta if you don’t want to use the web.