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Does Mulan ever go to Storybrooke?

Does Mulan ever go to Storybrooke?

Mulan appears in Storybrooke Live, her statuses and blogs are available here.

Who broke Mulan’s heart in Once Upon a Time?

4 No Followup On Her Story With The Merry Men Mulan initially declined this offer, though she accepted it after having her heartbroken by Aurora. The next time the audience saw Mulan, she was no longer with the Merry Men and there was never any mention of what happened during her time with them.

Which episodes is Mulan in Once Upon a Time?

Played by Jamie Chung, Once Upon A Time’s Mulan was introduced in the season 2 premiere episode “Broken” alongside Prince Phillip (Julian Morris) and his true love Princess Aurora (Sarah Bolger) of Sleeping Beauty fame.

Does Mulan get a girlfriend in Once Upon a Time?

Back in October, Once Upon a Time stunned viewers when they revealed that Mulan (Jamie Chung) was gay and in love with Princess Aurora (Sara Bolger).

Is Mulan in love with Phillip?

When Phillip went missing during “Broken”, Aurora insisted Mulan was in love with Phillip and that she “knows love when she sees it”. So did I, but Jamie Chung confirmed Mulan’s full lesbian. :'( I wanted to see Shang on this show, but now…

Who does Phillip love in Once Upon a Time?

In the Enchanted Forest, Prince Phillip (Julian Morris) awakens Princess Aurora (Sarah Bolger) from a magical, year-long sleep with true love’s kiss.

Are Mulan and Aurora in love?

Although Mulan (Jamie Chung) revealed her unrequited love for Princess Aurora (Sarah Bolger) in season three, she wasn’t the one in a new relationship in Sunday’s episode, “Ruby Slippers.” However, she did help make it happen. “I know we just met, but I have never felt like this about anyone before,” she tells Mulan.

Who does Phillip Love in Once Upon a Time?

Does Mulan get a happy ending in Once Upon a Time?

5 Mulan’s Happy Ending Some actors didn’t want to return for a final episode to resolve their stories and receive happily ever afters, but even if Jamie Chung was one of them, she certainly deserved a larger arc than a quick wrap-up at the end anyway.

How did Mulan get back to Storybrooke?

When Emma and Snow decide to use the magic wardrobe back at Snow and Charming’s old castle to travel back to Storybrooke, Lancelot sends Mulan with them, and also Aurora. When all four of them discover that Lancelot is actually Regina ‘s mother Cora in disguise, Mulan and Aurora decide to help Emma and Snow back to Storybrooke.

Who is Mulan from Once Upon a Time based on?

She débuts in the first episode of the second season and is portrayed by guest star Jamie Chung . Mulan is based on the character of the same name from the Ballad of Mulan, and the titular character from the Disney film, Mulan .

How did Mulan get Aurora’s heart back from Cora?

However, Cora manages to obtain Aurora’s heart and uses it to control Aurora. During battle, Mulan manages to get Aurora’s heart back and puts it back inside Aurora successfully. With Emma and Snow gone back to Storybrooke, Mulan and Aurora decide to go and find a way to bring back Phillip.

How long does Mulan have to cut down the Beanstalk?

Emma requests to be given a time limit of ten hours to get back down from the beanstalk, and if she has not returned, Mulan must cut down the beanstalk and ensure Mary Margaret goes home safely.