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Does Neutradol really work?

Does Neutradol really work?

Even many years after its launch, as laboratory tests confirm, it is still the best air freshener available in the market. Neutradol does not just mask unwanted smells like ordinary air fresheners, it destroys all bad odours, even the most persistent, leaving the air fresh and clean.

What does Neutradol super fresh smell like?

Top reviews from United Kingdom They do a good job masking odours. However, this fragrant is pungent and emits a sickly sharp smell. Imagine a pin scraping the back of the throat and the inside of your nostrils and then inhaling lemon, mixed with lime. That my friends is the smell of ‘Super Fresh’.

How long does Neutradol Last?

Neutradol Original Gel Power Orb Lasts 90 Days Wherever you put it, the Gel Power Orb uses our tried and tested formulation to destroy bad odours, leaving you with clean, fresh air.

Is Neutradol safe for dogs?

Bad odours from pets are nasty to live with and tough to shift. So use Neutradol Pet Carpet & Room Deodorizer. Our hygienic, non-toxic formula eliminates the molecules causing bad odours in your home. Unlike other pet fresheners which try to mask bad smells, Neutradol destroys them with science.

Does Neutradol get rid of cigarette smell?

Make the interior look like Christmas – throw it all over the place! The biggest problem is the smell in the headliner (smoke rises, after all), but a bicarb/water solution sponged on may help there. Extensive use of Neutradol, Oust or similar odour neutralisers will go a long way to getting rid of the smell.

Is Neutradol antibacterial?

Neutradol Relaxing Cotton One Disinfectant Spray kills 99.9% of bacteria, helping to protect you and your family from harmful bacteria and viruses. Neutradol Disinfectant Spray kills 99.9% of bacteria found in the home and can be equally effective in killing viruses and fungi.

What is Neutradol gel?

Neutradol Gel, with it’s slow release formulation, helps remove bad odours and not just masks them. Unlike air fresheners which try to mask bad smells, Neutradol destroys them with science. That’s why we’re the world’s most effective air deodorizer!

How do you take Neutradol?

NEUTRADOL SUPER FRESH CARPET DEODORIZER 350g will bring freshness to your carpet, destroying unpleasant odours such as tobacco, pets and cooking smells. Just sprinkle lightly onto your carpet then vacuum and it will make your carpet fresh again. Can also be used in waste and refuse bins to keep them smelling fresh.

Where can you take neutradol in South Africa?

Neutradol safely destroys bad odour molecules, leaving clean, fresh air. Win round trip flights, transfers and a 7-night Safari to Hippo Hollow Resort in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Kitchen Tip!

What does neutradol do to the odour molecule?

Neutradol safely destroys bad odour molecules, leaving clean, fresh air.

How to keep your kitchen clean with neutradol?

Keep your kitchen clean by using Neutradol One to disinfect your surfaces, it kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi! Follow with a spritz of Neutradol original room spray to kill those tough to shift Kitchen odours! Both available to buy now at @therange

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