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Does the Motocaddy cube have an Umbrella Holder?

Does the Motocaddy cube have an Umbrella Holder?

IMPORTANT – An additional fitting attachment (not included) is also required for pre-2019 S-Series models. This is available through our Customer Service team at no additional cost. The Umbrella Holder is one of the most important accessories to add to your Motocaddy trolley.

What year is my Motocaddy trolley?

A Motocaddy trolley serial number will start with the letters “MC” and will be printed on a sticker attached somewhere to the underside of the frame. “MC” will be followed by a series of letters and numbers. The first 2 numbers in a row after the initial 4/5 letters/numbers will tell you the year of manufacture.

What is the best golf trolley to buy?

The best golf trolleys that money can buy

  • Big Max Xtreme Rider Push Trolley: The best value push golf trolley.
  • Big Max Blade IP Trolley: The best push golf trolley when money is no object.
  • Powakaddy CT6: The best electric golf trolley that you can buy.
  • Fazer 18 Hole Electric Trolley: The best value electric golf trolley.

What size golf umbrella is best?


Product Wind Resistance Total
ShedRain Vortex XL Check Price 2nd 87.5
Titleist Tour Double Canopy Check Price 2nd 87
Gustbuster Pro Series Gold 68″ Check Price 1st 86.5
ShedRain VorTex Pro Check Price 2nd 85

Where is the Motocaddy trolley manufacturer number?

The serial number for your Motocaddy trolley is located on the underside of the battery tray. This number is required when registering your warranty online and should be kept handy for future use. The same number should also be on the box received with your trolley.

How do I claim my Motocaddy warranty?

In order to qualify for the 5 year limited warranty, please register online using the Warranty Registration form. If your product should fail during the 3rd year of ownership, Motocaddy will offer you a brand new replacement for 50% of the purchase price of the product.

How do Motocaddy hot mitts work?

The mitts attach to the handle of your trolley using the velcro straps and you simply plug them in to the USB portal underneath the handle. Once turned on, the electric heat layer warms the mitts to keep your hands warm in the coldest of conditions.

Is it worth getting a golf trolley?

Any golfer would see a benefit in using a trolley, they would see more benefit from an electric trolley. The trolley can really give your body a break and let you concentrate on your golf, no more getting to the last few holes and feeling so tired.

What is the most reliable electric golf trolley?

Best Electric Golf Trolleys

  • Powakaddy CT6 & CT6 GPS electric golf trolley.
  • Motocaddy M1 electric golf trolley.
  • PowaKaddy FX7 & FX7 GPS electric golf trolley.
  • Motocaddy M5 GPS electric golf trolley.
  • Stewart Q Follow electric golf trolley.
  • Motocaddy M-Tech electric golf trolley.
  • PowaKaddy FX3 electric golf trolley.

Do you need adapter for MotoCaddy umbrella holder?

Specifically purchased the Motocaddy version (rather than compatable) thinking it would fit directly onto my husband’s trolley, only to find he still had to purchase an adapter (another £10) before he could attach to the trolley!!

Can a FootJoy umbrella be used with a MotoCaddy?

Used in conjunction with a MotoCaddy Cube trolley and a FootJoy umbrella. Lasted a grand total of two holes before snapping the holding bracket clean off the trolley!! This is supposedly a MotoCaddy holder and it was fixed to a MotoCaddy trolley so there should not be a compatibility issue. Incredibly poor design.

Why do you need a golf umbrella holder?

For exceptions and conditions, see Return details. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The Umbrella Holder is designed to hold all standard golfing umbrellas at any required angle, allowing you to carry on with your game even when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

What kind of warranty does MotoCaddy come with?

Motocaddy Accessories are covered by a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty covers manufacturing defects that occur during normal use. Any breakage caused by accidental damage or as a result of abuse, misuse or commercial use is not covered.