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Free online courses on programming

Hardly today it makes sense to write about what programming is writing of the 21st century, a rich set of opportunities for self-expression and a complex of effective exercises to bring the mind into order. About all this you probably have already read or heard. Especially against the background of economic crisis, which in our area is not hit is that the wallets of developers and other it professionals. If you want to learn programming for the sake of listed goods, but don’t know where to start, this collection will help you. Included in her courses primarily designed for beginners and does not require students to have special skills and knowledge. Although these lessons will not turn you into experienced Pro, they will give a systematic understanding of the programming, will teach the basics and guide for further development.

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The basics

Whichever development you choose, whether it’s creating websites, games or programs, it is best to start with learning the fundamental things like the architecture of computer hardware, of the laws of logical thinking and principles of constructing algorithms.

The course Introduction to mathematical logic will tell you about the basic concepts, tools and paradoxes of the discipline underlying the control computer.

Lecturer in Introduction to computer architecture. Items operating systems promises to explain the functioning of computer equipment starting from basic logic circuits to complex multiprocessor systems.

A mini-course fundamentals of programming 1 and 2 describe the basic terms and concepts needed by the programmer, explain what is the difference between the popular languages, and what each of them. Teachers talk about the popular areas of development, learn to create basic programs and help determine the choice of language for further study. Two courses are identical in content but differ in format. The first consists of video recordings, the second is a few online broadcasts, during which you can ask questions to the lecturer.

Another mini-course designed to introduce you to the basics of software development — Object-oriented programming. The material is completely focused on the same programming paradigm, the knowledge of which is necessary for the development of almost any modern language.

A more in-depth immersion in the subject will provide a course of basic programming (resource: Prometheus, access: 19 January, duration: 8 weeks). The author teaches the basics of development on the example of specific tasks using the Python language.

Having mastered the basic principles of programming, you can take the course Design and analysis of algorithms in order to better understand the approaches to analysis, comparison and construction of algorithms. This knowledge will be useful in any development.

Web programming

You have a dream of making a personal blog or to implement their ideas in the new web service? And, maybe, want to develop online projects? Then you need to master the tools for building and visual design of web pages (HTML, CSS), languages for web programming (JavaScript, PHP, Python, etc.) and deal with related technologies like databases. Try something from these courses:

  • The basics of developing websites and web applications (source: Microsoft Virtual Academy access: always open);
  • Web technologies;
  • HTML, CSS.
  • HTML5. Framework client development;
  • JavaScript and JQuery from scratch (resource: Lendwings, access: always open);
  • Programming in Python;
  • Introduction to programming in Python;
  • An introduction to programming in Python (source: Microsoft Virtual Academy access: always open);
  • The basics of PHP;
  • PHP. Quick start;
  • Database.

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Programming for mobile platforms

The rapid development of mobile technologies makes the development of games and applications for gadgets one of the most promising areas of development. If you wish to step onto this path to start is to decide what platform you want to work: iOS or Android. Each of them requires unique approach to the development and knowledge of relevant technologies. The programming for desktop platforms

To create games and applications for popular operating systems like Windows and Linux, programmers often use languages C# and C++. Examining at least one of them, you can also try to create projects for desktop platforms. Training should help the following courses:

  • Exciting programming in C# (source: Microsoft Virtual Academy access: always open);
  • The basics of programming in C# (source: Microsoft Virtual Academy access: always open);
  • The C# programming language (part 1) (source: Microsoft Virtual Academy access: always open);
  • The C# programming language (part 2) (source: Microsoft Virtual Academy access: always open).

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