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Has anyone got car finance with bad credit?

Has anyone got car finance with bad credit?

Though it may seem impossible to get a loan with bad credit, the good news is—it’s not. While having a good score may help you get approved for an auto loan with favorable terms, there are still options available for people with poor credit.

What is the lowest amount a dealership will finance?

Believe it or not, auto lenders want you to purchase a reliable vehicle. There’s typically a minimum financing amount of $5,000 on subprime loans. Often, if you’re looking for less than $5,000 and you have poor credit, a loan is difficult to come by.

Does Vroom finance bad credit?

You can do everything from browsing cars to buying them online. You can get a loan even with bad credit with one or two of Vroom’s partner lenders. Vroom offers low APRs. It takes only a few minutes to complete an application and get approved.

Does Vroom ask for proof of income?

To complete your application, Vroom will ask you to provide a copy of your driver’s license as well as proof of insurance and proof of income.

How hard is it to get approved with Vroom?

No credit score requirement: Vroom partners with multiple lenders, including Santander, which offers bad credit auto loans. Low rates: Vroom financing starts at 2.49% APR, a competitive rate. Quick application: Vroom says it takes about five minutes to fill out and submit its online financing application form.

Who is the finance team at Puente Hills Hyundai?

The finance team at Puente Hills Hyundai in City of Industry works hard to get the right unique financing for every customer. No two finance packages are alike. Each is customized to the customer’s particular financing needs on terms that they can afford.

Is there a service center in Puente Hills?

Servicing your vehicle with Puente Hills Hyundai’s OEM parts will give maximum efficiency to your vehicle, and keep it running smoothly for the future. So, using Puente Hills Hyundai’s service center is great news for the mechanical and structural integrity of your vehicle.

How much does an Elantra cost in Puente Hills?

Elantra 560 a month for 72 months which is ridiculous. Stay away and that was with a trade in and with a bit of negotiation. Plus they only had about 3 Elantra’s on hand. I’ve bought a car here before and got a great deal]

How to find out if a car is a Hyundai?

You can also request more information about a vehicle using our online form or by calling 866-348-1954. If you don’t see a particular vehicle, click on CarFinder and complete the form. We will gladly inform you when a matching car arrives.