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How can check Control M agent status?

How can check Control M agent status?

– Control-M/Agent communication diagnostics can be performed by running ‘ag_diag_comm’ command on the Control-M/Agent host machine. – This command have to be executed under the Control-M/Agent user account for Unix and Administrator for Windows.

What is Control M agent?

BMC Software, Inc. CONTROL-M/Agent submits jobs for execution on the agent computer, monitors the jobs, and analyzes the output of files. The completion status of jobs and the results ofpost-processing analysis are transmitted back to CONTROL-M/Server.

How do I start control M agent?

Enter Control-M/Agent Process Name [ALL]: Press Enter again to start ALL the Agent’s processes.

How do I disable control M agent in Linux?


  1. Stop the Control-M/Agent using the current user which starts the Control-M/Agent.
  2. Run set_agent_mode utility and set the correct mode as desired.
  3. Start the Control-M/Agent by running start-ag utility using the desired user (root or Control-M Agent User)

How do I find Control M version?

There is a file located in the Control-M Server directory called “installed-versions. txt”. It will list your installed version and fixpacks.

Why do we use control M?

Control-M simplifies application and data workflow orchestration on premises or as a service. It makes it easy to build, define, schedule, manage, and monitor production workflows, ensuring visibility, reliability, and improving SLAs.

Is Control M an ETL tool?

For example, Control-M automates ETL and file transfer operations through the six different third-party tools BMC uses for moving data in and out of the EDW, executes event-based vs. scheduled workflow execution, and more.

How do I cancel Control M agent?


  1. – The Control-M/Agent AG process receives a shutdown request, kill 15, which is an interrupt to the process.
  2. – The time for the Control-M/Agent to stop the Control-M Modules is calculated by giving 10 seconds for each CM.

How do I install control M agent on Windows?

If, for example, you need to install additional agents on various other platforms, you can download just the Control-M/Agent for UNIX and Microsoft Windows package. On the Products tab, click the relevant installation file and save it in the temporary directory. Patch release (9.0. 18.100) and base release (9.0.

Can Control M call REST API?

The Control-M Automation API allows you to automate and work interactively with Control-M. Services are groups of API commands available via either a CLI (Command Line Interface) or as REST API commands. Checking REST API server status. …

Where does the literary agent client list come from?

This is because the listing shows current and past agents. Knowing that an author was once a client is just as valuable as knowing who that author’s agent is now. The agent’s tastes probably didn’t change, the author just moved on. Where does this information come from?

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