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How can I find the difference between two files in linux?

How can I find the difference between two files in linux?

Comparing files (diff command)

  1. To compare two files, type the following: diff chap1.bak chap1. This displays the differences between the chap1.
  2. To compare two files while ignoring differences in the amount of white space, type the following: diff -w prog.c.bak prog.c.

What does diff do in Ubuntu?

diff is a command-line utility that allows you to compare two files line by line. It can also compare the contents of directories. The diff command is most commonly used to create a patch containing the differences between one or more files that can be applied using the patch command.

How do I compare two binary files in Ubuntu?

Use the command cmp to check if two files are the same byte by byte. The command cmp does not list differences like the diff command. However it is handy for a fast check of whether two files are the same or not (especially useful for binary data files).

How do I see the difference between two files in bash?

Requires bash v4+ for associative arrays.

  1. Usage. $ ./ File_1.txt File_2.txt User3 changed from ‘US’ to ‘NG’ no change: User1,User2.
  2. Output_File.
  3. Source (
  4. Basic File Compare.
  5. Copy User File to Shell Script.
  6. Escape Special Characters.
  7. Comment Out the Entire Script.
  8. Convert User Value to A1[User]=”value”

Which command is used to compare two files?

cmp command in Linux/UNIX is used to compare the two files byte by byte and helps you to find out whether the two files are identical or not.

How do I compare two files in Windows?

To compare two files by using Windiff.exe, follow these steps:

  1. Start Windiff.exe.
  2. On the File menu, click Compare Files.
  3. In the Select First File dialog box, locate and then click a file name for the first file in the comparison, and then click Open.

How do I touch a file in linux?

Touch command Syntax to create a new file: You can create a single file at a time using touch command. The file which is created can be viewed by ls command and to get more details about the file you can use long listing command ll or ls -l command . Here file with name ‘File1’ is created using touch command.

How do I use terminal diff?

We can compare the files with this command. Type diff , a space, the name of the first file, a space, the name of the second file, and then press Enter.

Can you diff binary files?

You can force diff to consider all files to be text files, and compare them line by line, by using the –text ( -a ) option. In operating systems that distinguish between text and binary files, diff normally reads and writes all data as text. Use the –binary option to force diff to read and write binary data instead.

How do I compare two BIN files?

Open ExamDiff Pro and select the Files option in the Compare dialog.

  • By default, ExamDiff Pro automatically determines whether files are text or binary.
  • Click Compare.
  • Now click Show Details.
  • Let’s try out some binary comparison options.
  • The first option we will examine is Comparison block size.
  • How can I compare two files in Notepad ++?

    Open any two files (A, B) in Notepad++, which you want to compare. File B (new) gets compared to File A (old). Then, navigate to Plugins > Compare Menu > Compare. It shows the difference/comparison side by side, as shown in the screenshot.

    Which command is used to compare two files Unix?

    What does diff stand for in Linux command line?

    When you compare two computer files on Linux, the difference between their contents is called a diff. This description was born out of a reference to the output of diff, the well known Unix command-line file comparison utility.

    Which is the best tool to compare two files in Linux?

    1. diff Command I like to start with the original Unix command-line tool that shows you the difference between two computer files. Diff is simple and easy to use, it comes pre-installed on most Linux distributions. It compares files line by line and outputs the difference between them.

    Which is the best diff tool for Linux?

    KDiff3 – – Diff and Merge Tool KDiff3 is a cross-platform diff and merge tool and works on Linux, macOS and Windows. It is a file and folder merge tool used to compare and merge two to three files and directoires.

    Is the Ubuntu diff-compare file line by line?

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