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How do graduation ceremonies work?

How do graduation ceremonies work?

The valedictory address, given by the highest-ranking student, usually is prior to the presentation of diplomas. The high school principal or the college president presents the diplomas or degrees. Students then move their tassels from the right to the left, a symbol of rite of passage from student to graduate.

How does Coventry University work out degree classification?

The classification shall be based upon the following calculations, whichever is the higher: i) the average mark of the 100 credits worth of modules with the highest mark at level 6 or above; or ii) the average mark of the 220 credits worth of modules with the highest mark at level 5 and above (to include a maximum of …

Do postgraduates have a graduation?

Graduation ceremonies: the postgraduate experience. The ceremony itself is not compulsory, so students unable to be there for whatever reason won’t be short changed out of their degree!

How long does a graduation ceremony last UK?

Each ceremony usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

Does first year count at Coventry University?

For many university courses, the first year of your course and sometimes even second years, do not count towards your overall degree mark.

Do you graduate with a foundation degree?

A foundation degree is delivered in just two years of full-time study, and you’ll graduate with a Level 5 qualification. They’re widely recognised qualifications in their own right and can help you get the career you want in the creative industries, but quicker than a full honours degree.

What happens when you graduate from Coventry University?

Coventry University London students: [email protected] Congratulations on your award. Your graduation is the culmination of your studies and is an important event for you and your family and friends. On these pages you will find lots of useful information about your award and our graduation celebration events.

When do I get my transcript from Coventry University?

Access your transcript through your Higher Education Achievement All graduates who completed their studies between January 2020 and January 2021 were given the opportunity to attend a virtual celebration, in place of the events cancelled as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.

Where can I find the address of Coventry University?

You can check the address we hold for you by logging onto SOLAR. There is an option to set your correspondence address to the same as your home or term address or a different address entirely. This applies to all our students studying at all of our campuses.

What are the legal liabilities of Coventry University?

Coventry University does not accept responsibility and expressly excludes liability to the fullest extent permitted by law for: Any loss or damage to any personal property left unattended during an event organised by the university unless caused by the negligence of the university or its employees; or