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How do I claim warranty on my Acer monitor?

How do I claim warranty on my Acer monitor?


  1. Acer Care hotline : 1800 88 1918.
  2. Fax : 03-8024 5100.
  3. E-mail : [email protected].
  4. Internet :
  5. your nearest Acer Customer Service Center Centre.

How long are Acer warranties?

Standard Warranty

Product Standard Warranty
Notebook 2-in-1 1 Year: Carry-in (ITW)
Acer Enduro Urban 1 Year: Carry-in (ITW)
ConceptD1 / Acer Enduro Others 3 Years: Carry-in (1st Y ITW)

How do I claim my Acer warranty in India?

Claim under Acer India’s warranty may be made only by those customers who have registered their purchase with Acer India within 15 days of receiving the product. In case of products which are not registered, the claim will have to be accompanied compulsorily by the original sales invoice.

What is Acer extended warranty?

Acer has you covered, offering a basic extended service plan or an Accidental Damage Protection upgrade for your desktop, notebook, Chromebook, or tablet. To review your options, please enter the purchase date, the serial number or SNID located on your Acer product and click SUBMIT .

What does Acer extended warranty?

Acer India (Private) Limited, (“Acer India”) guarantees the product purchased by the customers to be free from defects resulting from use of faulty parts or poor workmanship during its manufacture for a further period of 2 (Two) years after the expiry of the standard 1 (One) year warranty applicable to a new Notebook …

Do you need receipt for Acer warranty?

The warranty period commences on the date of purchase. Your original purchase invoice (sales receipt), showing the date of purchase of the System, is the proof of the date of purchase. You may register your device to our warranty website by logging on to .

How much does it cost to repair Acer laptop screen?

Laptop screen Cost brandwise:

Product Name Cost Brandwise
Apple laptop screen $50 to $220
Acer laptop screen $40 to $75
Asus laptop screen $35 to $75
Samsung laptop screen $45 to $75

How much does Acer screen repair cost?

Acer Laptop Screen Repair Cost Several models are available at around $100 while some with higher resolutions and larger sizes may cost up to $300.

Does screen crack come under warranty?

In general, cracked, or broken glass is considered accidental damage and is not covered under the standard warranty.

What is Acer warranty?

Acer warrants its product to be free from malfunctions and defects in both materials and workmanship based on date of purchase. If date of purchase is not established, warranty will start on the date seen on the Acer warranty sticker.

What is the warranty on Acer computers?

The majority of Acer’s mainstream laptops come with a limited one-year warranty, while the company’s Predator-branded gaming notebooks get a two-year limited warranty. Select commercial Acer laptops in the company’s Veriton line get up to a three-year limited warranty, depending on the model.

How do I Check my warranty status?

Check your warranties. To check your active or expired warranties, complete the following steps: Browse to Warranty check: Option 1: main menu > Warranty check. Option 2: On the HPE Support Center home page, click Check Status. Enter the product serial number in the form. The country of purchase defaults to your current locale.