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How do I drag Balagog to a hiding place?

How do I drag Balagog to a hiding place?

Kill Balagog gro-Nolob in the cellar of the Nightgate Inn, and obtain the Writ of Passage from his corpse. Bonus objective: Drag his body to a hiding place — maybe to a dark corner surrounded by hay and barrels. To drag his body, hold down the button as you’re moving.

How do you talk to Balagog?

You cannot interact with him until the related Dark Brotherhood quest, in which the only conversation options are to announce to him that his true identity is known or tell him it is time for him to die.

Should I kill Anton Virane?

In the Dark Brotherhood side story, Astrid—the leader of the group—will require you to kill Anton as part of a quest that she’ll give you. Anton is a non-fighting character and is actually pretty easy to kill, provided that you do it properly.

Should I kill the Emperor Skyrim?

Nope. Killing the Emperor is integral to the DB storyline. If he was left alive, no one would fear the Dark Brotherhood… and therefore would have no power or influence in Skyrim.

How do I escape after killing the emperor?

Once the Emperor is dead, escape through the back door as instructed. If the root was not added, the Emperor will suffer no ill effects. The Dragonborn must then kill the Emperor to complete the quest.

Should I out Melka?

Melka is a non-hostile hagraven that is found locked up in a cage inside Blind Cliff Bastion. She will ask you to release her so she can get revenge on the other hagraven, Petra, who locked her up there and stole her tower from her.

Do I have to hide Anton Virane body?

Festus instructs the Dragonborn to learn The Gourmet’s identity from Virane, kill him, find and kill The Gourmet, then get his Writ of Passage, which will allow the Dragonborn to take The Gourmet’s place. He also suggests that The Gourmet’s body be hidden, to prevent others from discovering his true identity.

Can you spare the gourmet Skyrim?

He will hesitate telling you anything at first, but when an option to “intimidate” him appears on your game screen, select this option, and he will reluctantly tell you where you can find the gourmet chef. After talking to Anton, you can opt to spare him by leaving the room or kill him.

How do you kill Anton Virane silently?

After killing Anton, escaping Markarth and any pursuing guards before reverting forms will prevent incurring a bounty. With Quiet Casting from the Illusion skill tree, he can be killed by one or two Flaming Familiars or any “projectile” type Destruction spell, such as Firebolt or Ice Spike.

What happens if you don’t poison the Emperor?

If you didn’t add the poison, the Emperor and his guests will continue to slurp their soup until you assassinate him, which is easy enough since he has only 1 health point.

Should I kill Vittoria Vici?

Vittoria should be killed after she starts speaking.

What happens if I don’t poison the Emperor?

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