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How do I edit a video on my Motorola?

How do I edit a video on my Motorola?

  1. Open the. Photos app.
  2. Touch the thumbnail to open the video, then touch.
  3. Do any of the following: Trim the video. Drag the sliders to outline the frames to save. Change orientation for playing the video. Touch. Steady a shaky recording. Touch.
  4. Touch SAVE.

Is 8 gigs of RAM enough for video editing?

8GB. This is the minimum capacity of RAM you should think about using for video editing. 8GB might be enough to edit projects smaller than 1080p, but this will probably require closing other programs in order to free up some RAM.

What Adobe software do I need to edit videos?

Full featured and flexible, Adobe Premiere Pro is the best video editing software to handle footage for web, TV, and feature productions. Trim, edit, apply transitions and effects, adjust color, and add titles and graphics. Video production and editing.

How many GB of RAM do I need for video editing?

32GB. This is the optimal capacity of RAM a computer needs for video editing. 32GB will allow you to edit all kinds of files, and you will be able to work with longer videos. With 32GB RAM, you could have multiple programs running at the same time, and still be able to efficiently edit and preview your videos.

How do I crop a video on my Motorola?

How to Trim a Video on Your Android Tablet

  1. Display the video in the Gallery. Do not play the video; just have it loitering on the screen.
  2. Choose the Trim command.
  3. Adjust the video’s start and end points.
  4. Touch the Save or Done button to save the edited video.

How do you remove sound from a Motorola video?

Video Sound Editor To remove the audio from your video, tap on the Mute Video option. Look for the video whose audio you want to remove. You can tap on the checkmark at the top right to mute the video in the next step.