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How do I find out my Nintendo Network ID password?

How do I find out my Nintendo Network ID password?

Click Forgot your password? Enter your Nintendo Network ID and the E-Mail Address associated your account into the appropriate fields. If you have not confirmed your e-mail address, you will be prompted to do that before a temporary password can be sent.

What are the requirements for a Nintendo switch password?

Passwords must be at least 8 characters long. Passwords must include a combination of characters from 2 of the following categories: letters, numbers, and punctuation.

What do I need a Nintendo Network ID for?

A Nintendo Network ID is required to use any of the online features on Wii U (Nintendo eShop, online software modes, etc). A Nintendo Network ID is required for each player on the system. Any user accounts that are not linked to a Nintendo Network ID will not be able to access the system’s online features.

How do I get a Nintendo Network ID for my switch?

Go to and sign in to your Nintendo Account.

  1. Click “User Information”, then scroll down to the “Linked accounts” section and click “Change”.
  2. Click the box next to “Nintendo Network ID”.
  3. Follow the on-screen steps to add your NNID and password.

Where can I find my Nintendo Network ID?

From the HOME Menu, tap Friend List on the left. Your Nintendo Network ID will be displayed in orange lettering, in the top-right corner. You can also view your Nintendo Network ID if you tap on your profile to open up more details.

How do I find out my Nintendo Network ID email?

Complete These Steps:

  1. From the HOME Menu, select the user page for the user you wish to edit.
  2. Select “User Settings”.
  3. Scroll down to the Nintendo Account section, then select “Check Account Information”.
  4. Select “View email address” or “View email address/Sign-In ID”.

How do you get a Nintendo password?

Go to and sign in to your Nintendo Account. Select “Sign-in and security settings,” then select “Edit” in the “Change Password” section. Enter your current password, then select “OK.” Enter and confirm a new password.

Is Nintendo Network ID free?

The Nintendo Network itself is a free service, though some of the available content (such as downloadable content from the Nintendo eShop) costs money.

Do you have to pay for a Nintendo Network ID?

The fee for an NNID is charged through the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS family system when the NNID is created. A fee is not needed to set up subsequent child accounts on the system (NNID) or through the parent/guardian’s Nintendo Account.

Is a Nintendo Network ID the same as a Nintendo account?

What’s the difference between a Nintendo Network ID and a Nintendo Account? The short answer is that an NNID is used to make purchases on the Wii U and 3DS, while a Nintendo Account is used to make purchases on the Switch. Those points can be redeemed for rewards that can be used across all your Nintendo devices.