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How do I get into Volkihar keep?

How do I get into Volkihar keep?

Castle Volkihar is located in a previously inaccessible region in the far northwest corner of Skyrim, near the sea border with High Rock. The entrance can initially be accessed via Icewater Jetty, northwest of Northwatch Keep. The castle can also be reached by Ferrymen, or by swimming across the channel.

How do I open the gate to serana?

when you get off the row boat with Serana walk up the bridge almost to the meddle of it and stop and wait for her, she’ll approach you and say so listen I’m going to go my own way for while when we get in there and she’ll wont to take the lead, let her, the gate fence to the castle should open the old guy might mumble …

Do you have to work with Dawnguard to enter Volkihar keep?

You must work with the Dawnguard vampire hunters for a short time in order to gain entry, even if you wish to side with the Volkihar vampire clan during the add-on’s main questline. Once you locate Serana, she tells you to take her here.

Why is the door to Castle Volkihar not open?

Its the wooden door that won’t open. If you have already discovered Castle Volkihar, then after speaking to Serana for the first time when she is released from the sarcophagus she will automatically initiate dialogue with you that normally occurs shortly after arriving at Castle Volkihar.

Where is the Volkihar keep located in Skyrim?

Volkihar Keep is the home of the Volkihar vampire clan in Skyrim, located at Castle Volkihar on an island far west of Solitude.

How do you get into Castle Volkihar in Elder Scrolls V?

You can circumvent this issue by clipping through the wall on the right while standing on the railing. This gets you past the gate and able to access the door. To clip through a wall, grab an object by holding down the “Take” button, press it flat against a wall, and walk continuously into the wall.