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How do I replace my CV boot?

How do I replace my CV boot?

How to Replace a CV BootStep 1: Step 1: Tools and Safety. Step 2: Step 2: Raise Vehicle. Step 3: Step 3: Remove Axle Nut and Wheel. Step 4: Step 4: Remove Steering Linkage. Step 5: Step 5: Remove Stabilizer Bar Linkage. Step 6: Step 6: Remove Lower Arm Bolt. Step 7: Step 7: Disconnect Steering Knuckle From Axle. Step 8: Step 8: Remove Old Bands.

How much does it cost to replace a CV boot?

If your CV joint is still in good working order but the CV boot is what needs to be replaced, then you’re looking at around $250 to $300 for the parts that are necessary to replace the boot. When you factor in the cost of labor, you’re looking at around $550 to $650 to have the boot replaced in your car.

How long do CV joints last?

A CV joint doesn’t need a very regular maintenance as it can last very long. Basically as long as the protective CV joint boot itself is not damaged. It’s not rare to see a car with over 300,000 miles with its original CV-joints intact…