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How do I reset my Hotpoint Ultima tumble dryer?

How do I reset my Hotpoint Ultima tumble dryer?

To reset unplug the appliance and remove the bulged cover at the back. You will see two thermostats near the heater. One of them might have a small hole, if it is there use a pin to reset it. If it has a Red reset button press it to reset.

How do you use a dryer on a Hotpoint washer dryer?

Press button “Dry only” to perform the drying-only cycle. After selecting the desired cycle press button “Dry only” to exclude the washing phase and start the drying phase at the maximum level for the selected cycle. The drying level or time may be set and changed by pressing the drying button “Drying settings”.

Why are all the lights flashing on my Hotpoint tumble dryer?

Hotpoint tumble dryer all lights flashing When multiple lights are flashing on your tumble dryer and you’re unable to select a programme this indicates a software fault and you’ll need to contact a service engineer.

Why is my Hotpoint tumble dryer not working?

Hotpoint Aquarius tumble dryer won’t turn on If the tumble dryer won’t start when you push the start button the most likely causes are a problem with the power supply, a defective socket or plug, or a blown thermal fuse. If overheated the fuse won’t have any continuity meaning the electrical path is broken.

Is Hotpoint a good brand for washer dryer?

2. Hotpoint washer dryer. As one of the cheapest washer dryers on the list, it’s also feature packed; fans love the Super Wash, Eco , and a Super Silent Motor cycles, while the Anti-Allergy wash and rinse cycle removes 99.9% of major allergens like pollen, dust and pet dander.

Why are all the lights flashing on my dryer?

Either of these lights blinking means there’s an issue with the door, its latch, or the sensors that detect whether they are secured correctly. Check that the latch is securely fixed, laundry or other items are not caught in the door, and the door is closed and secured correctly.

Where can I find the Hotpoint tumble dryer user Handbook?

User Handbook Ultima Tumble Dryer You must read these instructions prior to using the appliance and retain them for future reference. Table of Contents Previous Page Next Page 1 2 3 4

Do you need a manual for your Hotpoint Ultima dryer?

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. More information Need a manual for your Hotpoint SUTCD 97B 6GM Ultima S-Line Dryer? Below you can view and download the PDF manual for free.

Which is the best manual for a tumble dryer?

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Where can I Find my Hotpoint appliance manual?

Find your Hotpoint appliance manual easily here for information on appliance settings, error codes, troubleshooting tips and maintenance advice Hotpoint Service | Download Your Appliance Manual Appliances Register appliance Care plans Manuals Help & advice Parts Contact 03448224224 Book a repair Select an Appliance category Laundry Select Laundry