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How do I suggest an idea to Microsoft?

How do I suggest an idea to Microsoft?

Microsoft doesn’t take ideas from non-employees. Hi, You can submit your Surface ideas and feedback to the Windows Feedback Portal….Here’s how:

  1. On the desktop, go to Start/Cortana.
  2. Type Windows Feedback.
  3. Open from results.
  4. Sign in using your Microsoft Account.
  5. You’ll then be directed to the Windows Feedback portal.

What is Microsoft idea?

Microsoft announces ‘Ideas’ for Office that helps you out when creating documents. Microsoft has today announced a new feature called “Ideas” for Microsoft Office that uses AI to suggest ideas and tips when creating documents in Office apps.

Does Microsoft accept ideas?

Replies (4)  “Microsoft or any of its employees do not accept or consider unsolicited ideas, including ideas for new advertising campaigns, new promotions, new products or technologies, processes, materials, marketing plans or new product names.

How do you sell an idea to a software company?

How to Sell an App Idea to a Company

  1. Put Your App Idea on the Paper.
  2. Do the research and analyze information: Know your market and your users.
  3. Create a Business Concept.
  4. Develop Your App.
  5. Launch and Grow Your App.
  6. Find potential investors and pitch them.

How do you suggest an idea?

Here are some expressions you can use:

  1. • You might want to think about…
  2. • You might want to consider…
  3. • Perhaps you/we could…
  4. • Maybe you/we could…
  5. • It may be a good idea to…
  6. • It might be a good idea to…

What is Microsoft BVA?

What is a Business Value Assessment? The Business Value Assessment (BVA) for a new Microsoft ERP or CRM solution is a method which defines the value and business gains as a result of adding or eliminating specific product or service.

How do you use Team ideas?

To submit a new idea and post it in a channel:

  1. Select the Employee Ideas tab in Teams.
  2. Select any idea campaign you want to submit an idea for.
  3. Select Submit an idea.
  4. Enter the idea campaign details such as title and description.
  5. Set Share in channel to On.
  6. Enter the answers to the remaining questions on the form.

How do I give feedback to Microsoft?

How to report problem using Feedback Hub on Windows 10

  1. Open Feedback Hub app.
  2. Click on Home.
  3. Click the Report a problem button.
  4. In the “Summary your feedback” box, create a detailed title of the problem using good keywords.
  5. In the “Explain in more details” box, write as many details as possible about the problem.

What is Microsoft catalyst?

What is Microsoft Catalyst? A value-led ideation approach to plan and execute your digital transformation strategy, allowing you to reimagine your business, powered by the Microsoft Cloud. Execute your strategy and ensure a smooth launch with an executive-ready proposal and basis for customer success plan.

How to sell an idea to Microsoft Corporation?

Write a letter (Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399), send e-mail or call Microsoft’s corporate headquarters. Make an appointment with a manager in the new product development department (your best bet) or someone on the research and development team. Tack a return receipt request to a mailed query.

Where can I enter Microsoft Signature ideas win?

Visit the Microsoft website to see if the company is currently running its signature Ideas Win contest. This competition isn’t run every year but when it is, anyone can enter. Entries are judged on originality, marketing, financial and logistical feasibility plus the public interest of an inventor’s idea.

What’s the best way to pitch your idea to Microsoft?

Draft a list of questions your Microsoft audience is likely to ask and be prepared to refute doubts and sell the merits of your idea. Ask friends to critique your pitch and throw questions your way to test your response reaction. Observe courtesy and professional protocols during your time on the Microsoft campus.

Which is the best idea data analysis software?

Analyze 100% of your data with confidence as IDEA protects source data with a read-only access. Project Overview helps you stay on top of your audit by graphically presenting all the tasks completed during the analysis. You can also take advantage of the clear, immutable audit trail for repeatable analysis.