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How do you get the Minikits in rock up at the lock up?

How do you get the Minikits in rock up at the lock up?

Using a flying character, fly into the foreground over the water at the far right of the level. There is a rowboat with a silver object in it. Shoot the silver object with explosives to uncover food, which a shark will jump up and eat. You will gain Minikit #3.

Where is Stan Lee in rock up at the lock up?

Taking Liberties. Stan Lee can be found in the second laboratory. Stand between two rotating, electric machines, then fly up and head to the interior of the stage (as the rope in the middle shows). Land on the platform and shoot at the knocked writer to save him.

How do you get the Sabertooth in Lego Marvel superheroes?

Defeat all prisoners to open up another chapter of the fight – that’s your chance. Choose Wolverine and approach to the pile of bricks located on the right, then build a green handle from the debris. Lift object using Hulk and throw it at Sabertooth. That’s the end of the first round.

Who can trigger claw switches?

Wolverine is unlocked as you play through the Story mode missions. However, he has two abilities that are very important. He can use his claws to activate claw switches. Plus he has the ability to dig up dig spots to reveal items or pieces that are necessary to get collectibles.

What happens when you get all the Minikits in Lego Marvel?

Finding every minikit in the game does not provide you any specific reward, but you will get one gold brick and one comic book after collecting all minikits on the stage. Obtaining all collectables is also required to finish the game in 100%.

Where is Stan Lee in The Good The Bad The hungry?

In the final central section of the helicarrier, head towards Galactus and then off to the left to find Stan stuck in a jet. Use the Sandman point to rescue him. At the very start of the level, turn around and put out the fire for the minikit.

What level do you get Magneto in Lego Marvel superheroes?

level 13
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes walkthrough part 13 for the Xbox 360. This video shows level 13 called ‘Magnetic Personality’ where we get to play as Iron Man, Spider-Man and Thor.. The boss fight on this stage is Magneto.

How do you pass the sinking feeling?

That Sinking Feeling

  1. Skydive off of the helicarrier, then follow the ghost studs out over the ocean to trigger a cut-scene and the next level.
  2. In the first area, smash the objects in the front of the first area, you will be able to build a console.
  3. Fight your way to the right and jump up onto the ship.

How do you get past the good the bad and the hungry on Lego Marvel?

Start off by melting the golden object on the left to reveal a console. Activate it to raise the turbine on this side. Melt the gold container in the flames, then switch to Venom and jump over the fire. Once in front of the turbine, latch onto the grapple points and lift it further, blowing Galactus away once again.