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How do you list ROTC on a resume?

How do you list ROTC on a resume?

ROTC / Military Training. Especially if military training involved short courses and took place on college campuses, include it and give vital details such as course names, number of hours involved, times of completion, and certifications earned.

Does ROTC look good on a resume?

How do students benefit from Army ROTC? Employers place high regard on the management and leadership skills that ROTC instructors stress. Plus, ROTC looks great on a resume. When cadets complete the ROTC course, upon graduation, they become commissioned officers in the U.S. Army.

How do I write a military CV?

How to write a military resumeMake a list of your duties and experience.Highlight the pertinent duties of your military career.Include any relevant education or training you received.Include relevant awards and security clearances.Highlight your soft skills.Translate any military terminology to civilian technology.

How many years do you have to serve for ROTC?

four years

Do you have to be fit to join ROTC?

If you are currently an Air Force ROTC cadet, before you can be eligible for a scholarship, you’ll be required to meet Air Force ROTC weight and fitness standards. Cadets who are in the General Military Course (GMC), but not on a scholarship, must attempt the test but do not have to pass. …

How hard is it to get into ROTC?

Before you commit, ROTC is very easy to join and widely considered an ‘easy grade’. Some join for just this reason, although it is considered elective college credit. If you are a high school senior, you can apply for a 4-year scholarship. These are competitive, but not as selective as the USMA or USNA.

Which ROTC scholarship is the easiest to get?


What GPA do you need for ROTC?

You must be a US citizen between the ages of 17 and 26. Minimum cumulative high school GPA of 2.50. Receive a high school diploma or pass a high school equivalency test. Minimum of 920 on the SAT or 19 on the ACT.

Do you get paid during ROTC?

“When you look at a kid out there being active, they’re naturally a great candidate for the Army ROTC and the possibility of a full-tuition scholarship.” ROTC scholarships that pay full tuition and fees also include a separate allowance for books and a monthly stipend of up to $5,000 per year.

What does ROTC pay monthly?

The monthly living stipend varies by type of ROTC and according to the number of years in the program. For example, the yearly living stipend from the Air Force ROTC begins at $300/month during the first year, and increases yearly to $500/month at year four.

What happens if you quit ROTC?

ROTC allows any cadet to drop out — or be kicked out — after their first year with relatively little penalty. However, if you leave the program the first day of sophomore year — voluntarily or otherwise — and received ROTC scholarship money, you must reimburse the military for their expenses.

Does ROTC cover full tuition?

How Can ROTC Help Pay for College? High school students who apply for an ROTC program are eligible for scholarships covering the full cost of tuition, fees and textbooks for four years, plus a monthly stipend for personal expenses.

How much do ROTC cadets get paid?

How much money does ROTC usually award and what does the money go towards? A. The Army ROTC Scholarship covers FULL tuition or Room and Board up to $10,000/ year. ROTC Cadets will also receive a cadet stipend of $300-$500 dollars /month depending on class level.

Can I join ROTC as a senior in college?

According to the official website (AFROTC.COM), you are eligible to participate in AFROTC if you have two academic years remaining in a degree program, which can be undergraduate, graduate, or a combination of both. (Click on “Admissions”, then “Requirements & Standards”, and then “General Requirements”.)

Does ROTC help you get into college?

Once you know the college strongly supports ROTC, by all means, make that a central part of your essays and interview. It will likely give you a boost in admission even if you don’t win an ROTC scholarship or come onto campus as a non-scholarship cadet simply participating in ROTC.

What rank do you get after Jrotc?

If you have two years of JROTC training, you can enter at the rank of airman (pay grade E-2). You also can enter at this level if you have 20 credits from an accredited college or university, or if you have achieved Eagle Scout or Girl Scout Gold.

What can students expect to learn by taking ROTC?

Skills Development The specific skills you receive in Army ROTC will include things like leadership development, military skills, and adventure training. This will take place both in the classroom and in the field, but you will have a normal daily schedule like all college students. Learn more about Skills Development.

What college has the best ROTC program?

Wrapping UpRankInstitute NameCity1University of DaytonDayton2Ohio Northern UniversityAda3Lehigh UniversityBethlehem4Providence CollegeProvidence73 •

What is it like to be in ROTC in college?

Other than the uniform, the weekly three hour drills, the specialized classes and labs each semester, the Physical Training (PT), and the additional summer training, ROTC students are pretty much just ordinary college students. They have just as much fun as regular college students.

How do I start a Jrotc program?

The following steps are required for a school who desires to establish a JROTC or NDCC program:Determine the program (JROTC or NDCC) which best meets your schools requirements.Complete the corresponding application(s).Mail completed application(s) to the appropriate brigade address in your state (below).