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How do you say dog in Lushootseed?

How do you say dog in Lushootseed?

Welcome to our Lushootseed vocabulary page!…Lushootseed Word Set.

English (Français) Lushootseed Salish words
dog (chien) sqwəbayʔ
sun (soleil) łukwał
moon (lune) słukwalb
water (eau) qwuʔ

Where is Lushootseed spoken?

Lushootseed is a member of the Salishan family of languages spoken in southern British Colombia in Canada, and in northern Washington State in the USA.

How do you say yes in Lushootseed?

ʔi, waw̓əxʷ čəxʷ. Yes. Help yourself. ʔi čəxʷ, ʔəsčal čəxʷ.

Is Lushootseed still spoken today?

Unfortunately, some of these dialects are no longer spoken today. All told only a few dozen elders are still fluent in the Lushootseed/Whulshootseed language, but some younger people are working to keep their ancestral language alive. Lushootseed language samples and resources.

How do you say Puyallup in Lushootseed?

As difficult as Puyallup (pew-AL-up) is for newbies, none of us is actually saying it correctly—the Lushootseed original is closer to pooh-AL-up and can’t really be rendered in the Roman alphabet.

How do you say salmon in Lushootseed?

(2) ‘any fish, salmon’: *sčananxʷ; Samish and Songish sče:nəxʷ ‘fish (generic)’, Saanich sče:nəxʷ ‘salmon’, Klallam sčanənəxʷ ‘salmon’, Lushootseed sčədadxʷ ‘salmon’.

Is Lushootseed extinct?

Lushootseed is one of the Coast Salish languages. The latter is one of two main divisions of the Salishan language family….

Extinct no fully fluent native speakers as of 2008 some second-language speakers
Language family Salishan Coast Salish Central Lushootseed
Language codes

Who spoke Lushootseed?

Southern Lushootseed was traditionally spoken by the peoples of Duwamish, Snoqualmie, Muckleshoot, Puyallup, Nisqually, Squaxin Island, Suquamish, and their neighbors. Only a handful of first language speakers remained by the 1990s — all have since passed away — and the language was at risk of disappearing.

What does Lushootseed sound like?

The Lushootseed pronunciation sounds like the “ll” in the Welsh name “Llewellyn.” Some English speakers can pronounce it well if they try to pronounce the “breathy l” in the word clue without the c in front of it. Some Lushootseed speakers pronounced this sound more like “thl” or “shl.”

How do you say hello in Coast Salish?

“way’ sl’axt.” Hello, friend. Little by little, small groups of students are learning this simple phrase – and many more – in Salish, the language of American Indian tribes such as the Kalispel, Spokane, Colville and Coeur d’Alene.

How do you say Sault Ste Marie?

How do you pronounce Sault Ste. Marie? Soo-Saint-Mah-Ree, not Salt stee Marie.

What does Puyallup mean?

generous people
Laid out in 1877, it was named Puyallup, meaning “generous people” in the Puyallup language.