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How do you write a good and acceptable CV?

How do you write a good and acceptable CV?

How to write a CV for A JobMake sure you read the job description.Pick a CV template that you want to use.Identify and write down your core skills.Begin with your name and include your details.List your work experience and key achievement starting with the most recent.

What can you lie about on your CV?

Here are 10 ways employers discover the truth behind your CV lies.Your alma mater can’t confirm you graduated. You can’t pass a skills test. Dates don’t add up. Your CV and cover letter don’t match. Your job titles are too good to be true. You’re vague about your skills and experience. Your body language betrays you.

Can I lie about my education on a resume?

Lying on your resume about your education level in order to obtain a position or advance in your career is NOT okay and chances are, it will catch up to you. I highly recommend full honesty when creating your resume.

Can you fake a resume?

In all honesty, faking a resume is never what you want to do. There are ways to show your skill and expertise even without much experience that don’t include lying or stretching the truth in your resume!

How do I get laid off instead of being fired?

If you must go, at least try to come out ahead.By Mark Swartz. Monster Contributing Writer.Avoid Resigning Hastily.Inform Your Employer That You’d Like To Leave On Agreeable Terms.Ask For A Positive Reference.Ask To Be “Terminated Without Cause”Take Into Account Your Personal Circumstances.