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How do you write an introduction for a case report?

How do you write an introduction for a case report?

The introduction gives a brief overview of the problem that the case addresses, citing relevant literature where necessary. The introduction generally ends with a single sentence describing the patient and the basic condition that he or she is suffering from.

What is the best way to begin a written case study?

Before you begin writing, follow these guidelines to help you prepare and understand the case study:Read and examine the case thoroughly. Take notes, highlight relevant facts, underline key problems.Focus your analysis. Identify two to five key problems. Uncover possible solutions. Select the best solution.

Do Case series require ethical approval?

Case series: Presentation of information on more than one patient. For case series deemed not to constitute research: ethics committee/IRB approval is often not required; consent should be obtained for publication of patient information.

What studies do not need ethical approval?

Some studies that do not require ethical approval include those involving information freely available in the public domain (e.g. published biographies, newspaper accounts), and the analysis of datasets, either open source or obtained from other researchers, where the data are properly anonymised and informed consent …

What is ethical approval?

Ethics approval is normally required from the organisation that is responsible for the participants in a study. Applications for ethics approval are usually required to include a well developed research protocol outlining methodology, participants, data collection, analysis and any ethical considerations.

Are case reports considered research?

Case Reports are not considered research under most circumstances. Although identifiable information about a patient may be collected in p reparing case reports, the intent of preparing case reports is usually related to patient care.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of case report and case series?

Advantages and disadvantages of case reports and case studiesAdvantagesDisadvantagesOne case to initiate a signal (case report)No control (uncontrolled)Provide stronger evidence with multiple cases (cases series)Difficult to compare different casesObservationalCases may not be generalizableEducationalSelection bias2 •

What is the purpose of a case report?

Case reports are professional narratives that provide feedback on clinical practice guidelines and offer a framework for early signals of effectiveness, adverse events, and cost. They can be shared for medical, scientific, or educational purposes.

Is a case report an original article?

A case report describes an actual patient case, what you did to treat it, and what were the reults. Of course, the cases presented are usually those that contribute significantly to the existing knowledge on the field. A case report with a literature review cannot be considered as an original research article.

What are different types of articles?

Types of ArticlesResearch Articles. Observations. Minireviews. Opinions and Hypotheses. Commentaries. Perspectives. Resource Reports. Methods and Protocols.

How do you identify a journal article?

How to Identify a Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed Journal ArticleIs it written by a scholar? Look for clues that indicate the author(s) is a scholar/researcher: What is it about? Who’s the intended audience? How is it structured? Look at the length, formatting, and headings/sections inside the article: How is it written? What’s the publication type?