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How does book a bay Wilson parking work?

How does book a bay Wilson parking work?

Booking online allows you to pay for your parking in advance and then use your credit card or ApplePay device, nominated during the booking process, as your entry ticket to the car park to recognise your booking.

What is secure a spot parking?

An advance booking with Secure-a-Spot means guaranteed parking in the CBD at a much cheaper rate. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a romantic dinner, a night at the theatre or a day out with the kids.

Where can I park at Lyell McEwin hospital?

Multi-Deck Car Parks at Flinders Medical Centre and Lyell McEwin Hospital and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The multi-deck car parks at Flinders Medical Centre and Lyell McEwin Hospital and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital have a daily rate of $17, starting at $3 for the first hour.

Who owns Wilson Parking?

Wilson Group
Sun Hung Kai Properties
Wilson Parking/Parent organizations

Who owns secure parking?

Park24 Co Ltd
The company is administered from its head office in North Sydney, New South Wales. Secure Parking is ultimately owned by Japan-based car park operator Park24 Co Ltd.

How do I cancel secure parking?

Once you are within 60 minutes of your booking’s Entry Time, you will not be able to cancel your booking. You can cancel your booking by looking up your booking in the “My Current Bookings” tool and selecting “Change”, then “Cancel”.

Who is the CEO of Wilson Parking?

Stephan Wuffli – Chief Executive Officer – Wilson Parking Australia | LinkedIn.

Who owns secure parking Australia?

Garth Mathews
Secure Parking Founder and Joint CEO Garth Mathews said: “This agreement secures our market leadership in Australia through a timely and smooth transition to a new international partnership.

How do I cancel secure a spot?

You must log into your Secure-a-Spot account and select “My Account” and confirm cancellation of your Booking. 7.2 Where the Booking is for a single parking bay on a single day and you cancel the Booking we will refund the Parking Fee (less Booking Fee and Cancellation Fee) to you via your credit card for that Booking.

How does book a bay work at Wilson Parking?

Book a Bay gives you access to exclusive discounts that are only available online and it also allows you to use your credit card or Wilson One card, nominated during the booking process, as your entry and exit ticket to the car park so you don’t have to queue at pay machines. Select your location and time (in 24 hour format).

How to book parking online with secure a spot?

To book parking online with Secure-a-Spot, click book now below, complete “Where are you going” what date and how long you want to park to get exact rates and available car parks. Secure-a-Spot is much cheaper than regular parking. Discounted rates are available for:

What does it mean to pay for secure parking?

Parking Fee means the fee (including GST) payable by you for the cost of parking in the Car Park during the Booking Period. Booking means the booking of a parking bay at a Secure Parking car park that you request through the Secure-a-Spot Service; and we accept by issuing you an Access PIN and Booking Confirmation.

Where can I find secure parking in Australia?

Secure Parking has cheap parking close to restaurants, shops, concerts and sports events in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and the Gold Coast.