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How does music on hold work in PBX?

How does music on hold work in PBX?

This could be an Internet stream, or a stream from a sound card or other audio device. MoH categories can be applied to inbound routes as well as to queues, ring groups, outbound routes and conferences. Categories assigned at the call level will override the MOH category for that target only.

How to put a music call on hold?

To work around the paging issue, on the Sangoma and Yealink phones, there is a setting that you enable that will allow Multicast Barge paging to put the call on hold, which will basically put the queued call on hold. But, the users will have to push the button again to resume the music.

Can a PBX call listen to a stream without transcoding?

PBX requires that the stream be in ULAW format, so calls already using this codec will be able to listen to the stream without any transcoding. A call that is using a different codec, such as G.722, would force the stream to be transcoded for the caller to hear it.

Can you have a multi cast stream on FreePBX?

Where you could have a multi-cast stream playing locally that a phone could attach to and play, but allow calls to take priority over it. This would greatly reduce the load on the system, since it would only be sending one stream. Hopefully this helps with some guidance on what you can do for “Background Music” on FreePBX.

What kind of music can I put on hold?

Music on hold can be in WAV or MP3 format. To play an MP3 file you must have mod_shout enabled on the ‘Modules’ tab. You can adjust the volume of the MP3 audio from the ‘Settings’ tab. For best performance upload 16 bit, 8/16/32/48 kHz mono WAV files. Click the edit pencil on the right to customize music on hold options.

How do you add music to a PBX category?

The PBX has one category, which is “default.” You can create additional categories by clicking on the “Add Music Category” in the top right hand side of the screen. Enter a category name, then submit changes to save your new category. In the right side navigation menu click the category you wish to add music to.

How do I upload music to music on hold?

In the right side navigation menu click the category you wish to add music to. Here you can use the file section box to upload a WAV or MP3 from your computer. You will then be prompted to specify the location on your local computer where the sound file is located.