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How does Sysmex measure hematocrit?

How does Sysmex measure hematocrit?

It is obtained using impedance technology whereby the passage of each individual cell through the aperture generates an electrical pulse that is assumed to be proportional to the volume of the cell. The HCT on a Sysmex analyser is obtained using the cumulative pulse height method.

How does Sysmex measure hemoglobin?

Our SLS haemoglobin detection method uses cyanide-free sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). The reagent lyses red blood cells and white blood cells in the sample. The absorbance is measured by a photo sensor and is proportional to the haemoglobin concentration of the sample.

How does Sysmex measure MCV?

The Sysmex XT-2000i uses the electric resistance detecting method (impedance technology) with hydro dynamic focusing to measure RBC, PLT, MPV, MCV write out on first reference, and Hematocrit (HCT). Fluorescence flow cytometry is used to measure WBC, Diff, the optical PLT count, and the reticulocyte count.

How does automated hematology analyzers measure hematocrit?

Automated Hematology Analyzers HCT The HCT is not determined directly, but rather it is a calculated value. The number of RBCs is multiplied by the mean RBC volume (MCV) of the sample RBCs to calculate the volume of the red cell component of the sample. Calculated HCT (%) = (RBC × MCV)/10.

How is Haematocrit calculated by a full blood count Analyser?

The haematocrit, also known as the packed cell volume (PCV), is the volume of red blood cells as a percentage of total blood volume. This value is often calculated by an automatic analyser based on the red cell count and mean cell volume (MCV).

What is SLS blood test?

SLS is diagnosed by testing for the deficient enzyme in cultured skin fibroblasts grown from a skin biopsy or by finding mutations in the SLS gene, which can be done on a DNA sample from blood.

Is MCV calculated?

Mean corpuscular volume (MCV) is the average volume of red cells. It can be directly measured by automated hematology analyzer, or it can be calculated from hematocrit (Hct) and the red blood cell count (RBC) as follows: MCV in fl = (Hct [in L/L]/RBC [in x1012/L]) x 1000.

What is PCV in human body?

The packed cell volume (PCV) is a measurement of the proportion of blood that is made up of cells. The value is expressed as a percentage or fraction of cells in blood. For example, a PCV of 40% means that there are 40 millilitres of cells in 100 millilitres of blood.

Is hemoglobin or hematocrit more accurate?

The important message for nephrologists is that Hb is always superior to Hct for monitoring the anaemia of renal disease because it can be measured with greater accuracy both within and between laboratories. Haemoglobin and Hct are both excellent correlates of anaemia and correlate well with one another.

What is the standard speed of the xt-2000i?

The XT-2000i is available with a range of options and in various configurations. You can adapt it to the requirements of your laboratory. As standard, samples are processed at a stable speed of 80 samples/h regardless of the profile analysed.

How is the xt-2000 used in haematology?

The XT-2000 i haematology analyser uses our unique fluorescence flow cytometry (FFC) technology. FFC looks at RNA/DNA content, cell size and inner cell complexity rather than cell size alone. This generates remarkably accurate results and a superb WBC differential.

What does the IG on the xt-2000 do?

IG supports the quick detection of inflammation and infections, and lets you monitor later treatment. It also lets you reduce the number of smears because in most cases you no longer need to count IG manually. The XT-2000 i is available with a range of options and in various configurations.

Can a xt-2000 I be used as a RET Master?

The XT-2000 i can deliver this information with the XT-2000 i RET Master installed. When compared to the haemoglobin value or other RBC parameters, the RET-He value and parameter combinations enable significantly faster control during iron and/or erythropoietin therapy.