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How does the Toraja people deal with the dead?

How does the Toraja people deal with the dead?

The ethnic group treat the dead as merely sick, offering them food, water and even cigarettes, until the funeral is scheduled, which at a cost of up to US$500,000, can take several years if not decades

Is the village of Toraja in The Walking Dead?

If you think that this walking corpse is the fantasy of a Hollywood make-up artist, then you are deeply mistaken: it is not an actor, but a completely ‘ordinary’ resident of the village of Tana Toraja.

How are walking corpses brought back to life?

The particular brand of black magic used by the shamans only brought the dead back to life in the most rudimentary sense. These walking corpses were said to be largely unaware of their surroundings and nonresponsive, expressionless, and uncoordinated, only able to perform the most basic tasks such as walking.

Why are zombies so popular in the Toraja region?

In addition, the Torajians argue that they can easily raise the dead from their graves, and this is not a metaphor. Reading about the burial rites of Toraja, I came to the conclusion that there are two different theories explaining why zombies are so popular in this region.

What’s the tradition of dressing corpses in Indonesia?

Toraja Indonesia is famous for having a tradition of dressing corpses just like when they were alive. This tradition is called the Ma’nene Ritual, a ritual to remember the ancestors, parents and other relatives who have died.

Are there walking corpses in the real world?

But, the actual walking corpse exists in the real world, and you can find these exciting things in Indonesia. If you have ever heard or have been in Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi (If you don’t, read our previous article that talks about Tana Toraja) and here you can meet with the ‘Toraja walking corpse’ or ‘Toraja walking dead’.