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How is Le Thiele small calculated?

How is Le Thiele small calculated?

Measuring thiele small parameters Part 2

  1. BL = (9.8 * Ma) / I.
  2. Res = R – Re (ohms)
  3. Qms = Res / (BL2 * Cms * 6.283 * fs)
  4. Qes = Re / (BL2 * Cms * 6.283 * fs)
  5. Vas = Vt * {[(fc * Qect) / (fs * Qes)] -1}
  6. Vas = 142000 * Sd2 * Cms
  7. Le = 1.592 * 10-5 * (m2 – Re2)1/2

What is SD in speaker parameter?

This parameter is the Peak Diaphragm Displacement Volume — in other words the volume of air the cone will move. It is calculated by multipying Xmax (Voice Coil Overhang of the driver) by Sd (Surface area of the cone).

What is VAS in TS parameter?

Vas is simply the the equivalent box volume of the drivers suspension. If the driver is put in a sealed Vas box, Fs goes to Fbox and Qts goes.

How is VAS calculated?

The patient marks on the line the point that they feel represents their perception of their current state. The VAS score is determined by measuring in millimetres from the left hand end of the line to the point that the patient marks.

What is infinite baffle?

In conceptual terms an infinite baffle is a flat baffle that extends out to infinity – the so-called “endless plate”. A genuine infinite baffle cannot be constructed but a very large baffle such as the wall of a room can be considered to be a practical equivalent.

Who are the authors of Thiele Small parameters?

“In the early seventies, several technical papers were presented to the AES (Audio Engineering Society) that resulted in the development of what we know today as ‘Thiele-Small Parameters’. These papers were authored by A.N.Thiele and Richard H. Small.

What are Thiele / Small parameters on a loudspeaker?

Thiele/Small parameters (commonly abbreviated T/S parameters, or TSP) are a set of electromechanical parameters that define the specified low frequency performance of a loudspeaker driver.

Who are Thiele and small and what do they do?

This process of generating parameters from a target response is known as synthesis. Thiele/Small parameters are named after A. Neville Thiele of the Australian Broadcasting Commission, and Richard H. Small of the University of Sydney, who pioneered this line of analysis for loudspeakers.

What are the Thiele Small parameters of a car?

Thiele-Small Parameters B Magnetic flux density in gap, in Tesla-m Mmd Diaphram mass, in grams Mms The driver’s effective mechanical mass ( n0 The reference efficiency of the system ( p (rho) Density of air at STP 1.18 kg/m^3