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How is Raskolnikov like Lazarus?

How is Raskolnikov like Lazarus?

Much like Lazarus, Raskolnikov is dead. Not physically, but spiritually. The story of Crime and Punishment tells how he is resurrected, much like Lazarus.

Who did Raskolnikov kill?

Alyona Ivanovna

Who is Zametov?

Zametov (Zamyotov), Alexander Gigorevitch The chief clerk at the police station.

How does Raskolnikov meet marmeladov?

Summary: Chapter II Inside the tavern, Raskolnikov meets a drunk man who looks like a retired government official. The man, whose name is Marmeladov, has a daughter of his own, named Sonya, who has been forced to prostitute herself to support her family.

What does Luzhin’s letter reveal about his personality?

What does Luzhin’s letter reveal about his personality? He is DOMINEERING, probably used to him getting it his way, and he’s contemptuous. He’s also proud because he can’t get over how Raskolnikov insulted him, he took great offense to that.

Why did Raskolnikov kill the pawnbroker?

Raskolnikov’s deeper motivations for the murder are abstract, intellectual, and oddly rational. Raskolnikov’s poverty becomes part of his motivation for killing the pawnbroker, since he perceives of her death as a chance to get enough money to resume his education and make progress toward a better life.

What does Sonya represent in crime and punishment?

Sonia’s character represents human hardship through her own misery; however, her trials are overcome by sheer will and determination. Sonia is a survivor, an aspect of her character that Raskolnikov does not seem to see.

What chapter does Raskolnikov confess to Sonya?

Raskolnikov has committed a double murder and gotten away with it. He confesses to Sonia, the merciful, suffering prostitute whose life has become intertwined with his own. My friends, this scene, Part 5 Chapter 4 of Crime and Punishment, is one of the most intense, beautiful, and surprising scenes I’ve ever read.

What request does Raskolnikov ask of Sonia?

After many attempts to explain the crime, he turns to Sonya and asks “tell me what to do now?” She requests him “Go at once, this very minute, stand at the cross-roads, bow down, first kiss the earth which you have defiled [desecrated] and then bow down to the whole world and say to all men aloud, ‘I am a murderer!’

What does pulcheria fear about Sonia?

What does Pulcheria fear about Sonia? It is a tribute to his friend’s memory.

Why is Raskolnikov summoned to the police station?

After a night of restless sleep, Raskolnikov frantically searches his clothes for traces of blood. In a pocket he discovers the pawned items that he stole and tries to hide them. Around noon, Nastasya and the porter enter the room and hand Raskolnikov a summons to the police station.