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How many free books do teachers get from Scholastic?

How many free books do teachers get from Scholastic?

10 free books

Where do I find the dollar books on Scholastic?

You can start your search on Scholastic HERE.

  • First step: search for “picture book $1” in the search bar at the top of the page.
  • Next, narrow your search with a filter on the left hand side bar. Click on the drop down menu for “Price” and choose $1-$2.
  • Up will come all the picture books for $1 they have at the moment.

How long does it take Scholastic books to arrive?

2 weeks

Is Scholastic reliable?

Scholastic GO! ™ has been providing reliable articles and resources on core curriculum content for more than ten years. Students, teachers, and librarians have relied on this resource to support research projects, homework help, lesson plan development, and more.

How old is Scholastic?

About 101 years (1920)

Can I order books from Scholastic online?

Today, ordering books each month is still the easiest and most affordable way for families to bring the best children’s books home. 1. Go to and click CONNECT TO YOUR TEACHER.

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At this time funds can be withdrawn from an eWallet account to your verified bank account. To add a bank account to your eWallet follow these steps: Log in to your eWallet. Click My Account > Bank Accounts.

Can Scholastic ship to home?

If you choose to ship to home, your books will ship directly to you and we’ll notify your teacher! Ship books to your home or school—choose at checkout. Every order you place will earn your child’s teacher FREE Books and rewards.

How much is scholastic worth?

Scholastic Corporation

Status Public company
Nonfiction topics Children’s literacy and education
Revenue US$1.6 billion (2016)
No. of employees 8,900 (2019)
Official website

What is another word for Scholastic?

In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for scholastic, like: learned, bookish, academic, literary, lettered, educational, versed, donnish, formalistic, inkhorn and pedantic.

What is Scholastic Gold Key?

In addition to regional scholarship opportunities, students in grades 7-11 who receive a Gold or Silver Key may be eligible for a Scholastic Awards Summer (SAS) Scholarship to attend an art or writing program over the summer. Gold Key works are also automatically considered for National Medals and direct scholarships.

How do I set up eWallet?

Anyone can setup an E-Wallet. To create an E-Wallet profile, simply click “E-Wallet” from the My Account Dashboard tab. Then follow the simple process to enter credit card and back account information to complete the set-up.

Does Scholastic have $1 books?

If your kid is school-age, you can get popular books for $1-$2 each using the Scholastic Book Club flyers. Titles like Charlotte’s Web, RL Stine books, Pete the Cat, etc.

How does Scholastic eWallet work?

It’s easy to create an eWallet for your student. Simply add funds or invite family and friends to contribute. Then, shop in-person at the Book Fair or online through the Virtual Book Fair where you’ll discover over 6,000 products including exclusives, new releases, and value packs.

Can you return books to Scholastic?

If you are not completely satisfied, please contact customer service for an exchange or refund. We will replace any damaged product as long as you have purchased it directly from us.

What will you run for scholastic?

Student Essay Contest inspired students in grades 7–12 to take civics into the real world by researching and creating a plan to improve their own community.

Is scholastic a Canadian company?

Scholastic Canada is one of the country’s leading publishers and distributors of children’s books and educational materials in both official languages. All evolved from the original Scholastic company founded in 1920 by M.R. (Robbie) Robinson in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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What is the maximum amount you can eWallet?

R5 000

Is Scholastic Book Club worth it?

Scholastic book orders and book fairs are absolutely worth it, and placing book orders through Scholastic also earns points for your school which can be spent on more books and resources for classrooms or libraries. But that doesn’t mean my answer is the only correct answer.

Can parents order from Scholastic?

Scholastic Book Clubs has an online pop-up shop just for parents, shipped directly to your home, while still earning bonus points for your child’s class and teacher. Even better, orders of $25 or more qualify for free standard shipping.

How do I put money on e wallet?

You can visit any of our Kiosks/ATMs. Once on location, simply select eWallet Cash In, enter the mobile number and the amount to be credited, insert the cash, and wait for the SMS confirmation of the deposit.

Who is the CEO of Scholastic?

Richard Robinson (1975–)

How much do teachers get from Scholastic?

However, any order is a celebration! One HUGE perk that Scholastic provides for teachers is that when students purchase books, you get money to build your classroom library IMMEDIATELY! This depends on the promotion that Scholastic is currently running, but often is $5 for the teacher for every $20 that students spend.

Does eWallet expire?

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What does booked status mean on scholastic?

The Booked order status allows you to create a sales order with items and ordered quantities, however, the ordered quantities do not get scheduled (or backordered). A Booked order will allow you to enter in orders that are not to be shipped until a future date.