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How many national secondary schools are there in Kenya?

How many national secondary schools are there in Kenya?

The 103 national schools have now been grouped into four clusters, based on their infrastructure and human resources….KCPE Candidates will be expected to choose one from each cluster.

Cluster 1 Bura Girls
Cluster 2 Garbatula Boys Secondary
Cluster 3 Kenya High
Cluster 4 Bishop Gatimu Ngandu

What is the new school system in Kenya?

Competency Based Curriculum
CBC stands for Competency Based Curriculum. This is the new education system in Kenya that is currently set to replace the 8-4-4 education system. The system was introduced in 2017. The CBC was researched and developed by KICD (Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development).

How many secondary schools are there in Kenya 2019?

10,463 secondary
As of 2019, Kenya counted 10,463 secondary educational institutions, including private and public schools. The amount decreased from 11,399 in 2018 when a peak was reached. However, compared to 2013, the number of secondary schools increased by over 33.5 percent.

Which is the most expensive private school in Kenya?

International School of Kenya (ISK) ISK tops the list of the most expensive schools in Kenya. The school has almost 1000 students from over 60 countries. The institution is a non-profit centre that started as a joint partnership between the Canadian and United States governments.

Which are the best national schools in Kenya?

Comments for Full List: Top 100 Schools Nationally (KCSE 2020)

  • Strathmore School → Private → 84 → 72.28 → Nairobi.
  • Moi High School Kabarak → Private → 330 72.12 → Nakuru.
  • Moi Tea Girls Secondary School → Extra- County → 136 → 69.59 → Kericho.
  • Alliance Girls High School → National → 396 → 69.48 → Kiambu.

Is kagumo boys a national school?

Kagumo High School is a boy’s national secondary school located between Kirichu and Kiganjo townships at Kagumo near Karatina on the Nyeri-Nanyuki road in Kenya.

What is grade 4 in Kenya education system?

Upper Primary Subjects (Grade 4, 5, 6) Upper primary is part of middle school. Upper primary has Grade 4, 5, 6.

At what age should a child start school in Kenya?

In Kenya, the Ministry of Education’s (MOE’s) guidelines dictate that a child should start schooling at the age of 6 and complete the primary schooling cycle in class 8 at the age of 13.

How many marks is a national school?

400 marks
Pupils who scored 400 marks and above in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination will be admitted to national schools, draft Form One selection rules say. Top five candidates of either gender in every sub-county will be placed at the national schools of their choice.

Which school has the highest fees?

Welham Boys School, Dehradun.

  • Stonehill International School, Bangalore.
  • The Doon School, Dehradun.
  • Ecole Mondiane World School, Mumbai.
  • Scindia School, Gwalior.
  • Mayo College, Ajmer.
  • Good Shepherd International School, Ooty.
  • Woodstock School, Mussoorie. Annual fee structure – Approximately 17 lacs.
  • How much is peponi school fees?

    Total: Shilling2,194,530. The first year of enrolment, the price would be Shilling2,669,530 due to additional one time fees (see details below). Fees for a 13 year old child. Based on 2021/2022 fees.

    Which school is best in KCSE 2020?

    Top Candidates / 2020 KCSE Top Students

    • Simiyu Robinson Wanjala – Muranga High School – (Mean Score 87.334)
    • Allan Wasonga – Agoro Sare High School – Oyugis – Homa Bay County – (Mean Score 87.173)
    • Sharon Chepng’eno – Kenya High School – 87.173.
    • Rob Ongare Muraisi – Alliance High – 87.173.
    • Ester Mbugua – Kenya High – 87.113.