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How many OPI gel colors are there?

How many OPI gel colors are there?

We’ve got 240 shades for every nail polish need. Browse every color of the rainbow, including the trending nail colors guaranteed to turn heads.

What is OPI GelColor?

OPI GelColor is a thin brush-on formula, designed for high performance and a glossier finish compared to regular nail polish.

Does OPI sell gel polish?

The OPI GelColor and Powder Perfection systems both offer long-lasting, durable wear and shine. Choose from 140+ iconic OPI shades with GelColor, for up to 3+ weeks of wear.

Is OPI gel UV or LED?

Is OPI Gel UV or LED? A: Yes! “Gel” nail polish products which do not require an LED or UV light to cure are not real gel nail products—they are regular nail polish being deceptively marketed. With any genuine gel nail polish (like OPI), an LED light is a must.

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What’s the difference between gel polish and Polish pro?

A: Rather than simply a blend of gel and polish, Polish Pro is a fusion of many different ingredients that result in the most resilient natural nail manicure or pedicure. These raw ingredients include oligomers, monomers, photoinitiators, among others, all making up what NSI is calling a Poly-Oligomer.

How do you remove gel nail polish pro?

A: Polish Pro is easily removed in using Acetone and then sliding off any excess with an orangewood stick. There are two easy methods. The first is by placing the tips of the fingers in a bowl of acetone. The second is by saturating a Nail Wipe, folding it around the nail, and wrapping in a small piece of aluminum foil.