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How many pages is White Dwarf?

How many pages is White Dwarf?

32 page
Bickham had previously edited the Battle Games in Middle-earth magazine. White Dwarf continued to be published on a monthly basis until issue #409, January 2014. On 1 February 2014, the magazine moved to a 32 page format, published weekly and renumbered from issue 1.

What do you get with a White Dwarf subscription?

White Dwarf Introductory 12 Month Subscription $80 From September, White Dwarf will be back as a glossy 156-page, A4 magazine with all the news, features and pictorials you know and love – and a whole chunk of new stuff you never imagined. News! Golden Demon! Battle Reports! Painting Masterclasses!

How much is an issue of White Dwarf?

But consider this- remember when the White Dwarf was a weekly magazine and only cost $4 an issue? It routinely sold-out each week at stores. My suggestion is to lower the cost of the current White Dwarf to $5-6 and I would think there will be a notable resurgence in circulation.

How hot is a white dwarf?

Within this nebula, the hot core of the star remains—crushed to high density by gravity—as a white dwarf with temperatures over 180,000 degrees Fahrenheit (100,000 degrees Celsius). Eventually—over tens or even hundreds of billions of years—a white dwarf cools until it becomes a black dwarf, which emits no energy.

What is white dwarf Warhammer?

White Dwarf is a magazine published by British games manufacturer Games Workshop since 1977 that has become deeply influential in the miniature war gaming and role-playing game communities.

Can you subscribe to White Dwarf?

You can now start subscriptions again, starting with issue 455, to get White Dwarf delivered straight to your door.

What is in a white dwarf?

The white dwarf consists of an exotic stew of helium, carbon, and oxygen nuclei swimming in a sea of highly energetic electrons. The combined pressure of the electrons holds up the white dwarf, preventing further collapse towards an even stranger entity like a neutron star or black hole.