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How many pounds of meat are in a deboned elk?

How many pounds of meat are in a deboned elk?

Most average bull elk will yield 190 to 225 pounds of boneless meat, while an average cow produces about 160 pounds of meat.

How much meat do you get from a 600 pound elk?

So a 600 lb bull will give you around 200 lbs of useable meat.

What is the heaviest elk ever recorded?

O’Shea’s benedictions must have been received, because the 55-year-old Albertan holds the new world record for non-typical elk. The 449 4/8-inch bull, shot in September on land O’Shea has hunted since he was a boy, has been certified by the Pope and Young Club as the largest non-typical elk ever taken by a bowhunter.

How much do elk normally weigh?

4) Typical Elk Weight When fully grown, a Rocky Mountain elk cow will weigh about 500 pounds and stand 4 ½ feet at the shoulder. A mature bull will weigh about 700 pounds and stand 5 feet tall at the shoulder. Tule and Roosevelt elk bulls and cows weigh an average of 400 lbs. and 900 lbs., and 300 lbs.

How much meat can you harvest from an elk?

Skinning and removing the head drops about 73 lbs off the average field-dressed weight of a bull elk and about 45 lbs off a cow elk. Researchers reported that bull elk yielded an average of 218 lbs of boneless lean meat and cows yielded an average of 169 lbs of boneless lean meat.

How many trips does it take to pack out an elk?

A big bull (or a big cow)… 1 trip per hind quarter, shoulder backstraps & tenderloins = 1 trip, other shoulder and head = 1 trip. So 4 (maybe 5). (A small elk you may get away with one less trip).

How much does a 2 year old elk weigh?

How much does a 2 year old elk weigh? Most cow elk weigh around 250 lbs. A large cow will weigh about 350 with one or two a year around 380. A large bull 6X6 will weigh around 400, the biggest we have ever processed was a little over 500 lbs.

How much does it cost to cut and wrap an elk?

It has cost us about $1.25-1.50 per pound to have a boned out elk cut, wrapped.

How much does an elk weigh on its back?

The meat alone will weigh anywhere from 120 to 200 pounds or more, depending on the size of the cow, calf or bull. Save yourself some energy and cool your meat down faster, if you have to pack it out on your back.

How much meat to pack out on an elk?

For the record, the University of Wyoming study is on the Rocky Mountain subspecies of elk. For these elk, a field dressed weight (defined as viscera and feet removed) is 70% of the live weight and field dressed weights range from 176 lbs for a calf to 540 lbs to mature bulls and yield between 88 to 270 lbs of boneless meat.

Is it worth it to Debon an elk?

It might even be worth deboning elk when you use a cart or sled. Why struggle on a long, arduous haul with unnecessary weight, when you can spend 30 minutes to an hour deboning before struggling with pushing, pulling or carrying your meat to the truck? Ever been busted by game animals when you thought you were concealed?

What’s the best way to cut an elk leg?

On each of the four legs, slice lengthwise along and down to the leg bone. With your other hand, separate the sliced mass of meat, so you can see the bone. Use short strokes with the tip of your knife at the bone to cut the meat free.