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How many Reliant Robins are left?

How many Reliant Robins are left?

2021 2018

Do Reliant Robins really roll?

A normal Reliant Robin will not roll unless a drunken rugby team is on hand.

Are Robin reliants allowed on the motorway?

On the road, the Reliant was fine. As of 1975, the Robin was fitted with a mighty 850cc engine (steady now) meaning even more speed, which was handy, because contrary to popular belief, the Reliant Robin can indeed go on a motorway. It’s the licence held by the driver that was usually the mitigating factor.

Who invented the Reliant Robin?

The designer of several of Tamworth’s iconic Reliant vehicles has been recognised in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list for 2019. Tom Karen, who lives in Cambridge, was the designer behind several Reliants, including the famous three-wheel Reliant Robin, introduced in 1973.

Can u drive a Robin Reliant on provisional?

Both are classed as mopeds and are legal for 16 year olds. As has been said you cannot drive a reliant on a provisional any more.

Can a 16 year old drive a Reliant Robin?

Sorry age 16 cannot drive them, you are stuck with a Motorcycle or scooter under 50cc or a road legal quadbike if you can find one.

Can I drive a Robin Reliant on a CBT?

Believe you can drive a Robin Reluant on a full bike license, which at 16 with a CBT you will not have. Have a look at this thread which explains about what you’ll be allowed to ride at 16. So in short, no you’re not allowed to drive a Reliant Robin at 16.

Is the Reliant Robin safe?

Balancing on three wheels, it certainly looks precarious. But it seems that the Reliant’s reputation for rolling over is undeserved. Reliant Robin owners are actually Britain’s safest drivers. They then analysed 500,000 insurance claims which were made by drivers who had had an accident.

Can you still drive a Robin Reliant on provisional?

From 2013, a holder of a full category A motorcycle licence over the age of 21 may drive a three-wheeled vehicle of any power. Because of these licensing changes, a Reliant Robin cannot be driven with a provisional licence; unless the driver meets certain disability criteria.

Can I drive a Robin Reliant at 16?

Do you need a car licence to drive a Robin Reliant?

Where can I buy a Reliant Robin car?

Of all the unique vehicles in the world, the Reliant Robin has to be in the top ten. This particular example is for sale here on craigslist in Riverview, Michigan and was featured at the 2020 Detroit Autorama. Let’s… more»

When was the Reliant Robin fibreglass car made?

It is the second-most popular fibreglass car in history, with Reliant being the second-biggest British car manufacturer for a time. The Robin was first manufactured in October 1973 as a direct replacement for the Reliant Regal.

What was the purpose of the Reliant Robin?

The single wheel in the front is responsible for the steering, while the engine (also in the front) drives the rear axle. The Reliant Robin aimed to provide economical and predictable personal transport.

How old is James from our Reliant Robins?

James is an articulate, personable 24-year-old. And he is not just a Robin driver. He has one of the largest Reliant Robin collections in the world – 29 of the things, from a rusting fifties van to an open-topped version with a garden bench (he calls it the Garden Robin), to the most luxurious Robin produced (complete with walnut dashboard).