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How much does O Cirque du Soleil cost?

How much does O Cirque du Soleil cost?

Cirque du Soleil – O ticket prices will vary for each performance but on average you can find tickets between $175 for balcony seats to $595 for floor or front orchestra seats.

How long is O show at Bellagio?

90 minutes
What is the run-time for “O”? 90 minutes without an intermission.

Which Cirque show in Vegas is the best?

Mystere by Cirque
Mystere by Cirque du Soleil Mystere is Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas longest running show (and one of the best shows in Las Vegas), first performed on 25 December 1993. It’s been voted Best Production Show by the Las Vegas Review Journal over 8 times so it’s got age and quality behind it.

Is there a dress code for O at the Bellagio?

What is the dress code for “O”? There is no stated dress code, but “O” audiences are asked to adhere to the attire guidelines of the Bellagio Hotel & Casino. Age Requirement: Children under the age of five are not permitted into the “O” Theatre.

What do you wear to the O Show in Las Vegas?

We often get asked what should I wear to see the “O” show by Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. The answer is you will end up seeing people wearing a full range of attire from suits and dresses to casual wear.

Is it cheaper to buy Cirque du Soleil tickets in Vegas?

Not in Vegas! Shows sell out, especially of the Cirque Du Soleil variety, so waiting to buy means tickets are mostly more expensive once in Las Vegas. Buying Las Vegas show tickets online and in advance is usually the best option.

Are Cirque shows in Vegas reopening?

Cirque is close to being fully reopened in Las Vegas. “Michael Jackson One” will reopen at Mandalay Bay on Aug. 19 ,and “The Beatles Love” is slated to return to the Mirage on Aug. 26, joining two other Cirque du Soleil shows — “Mystere” and “O” — that will be back in production on July 1.

Which is better Le Reve or O?

Le Reve had a more intimate setting, but I prefer the grandeur of le Cirque. Of course, the technical rigging and visuals of Le Reve was stunning, as were O, but I found Le Reve to be too full of itself, a bit boring to be honest. O is more playful and entertaining, and definitively the one I would choose of the two.