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How much is a 1987 Jordan Fleer worth?

How much is a 1987 Jordan Fleer worth?

Michael Jordan #59 1987 Fleer

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2021-08-18 1987 Fleer Basketball #59 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls HOF PSA 7 NM $351.45
2021-08-17 1987 Fleer Basketball Card #59 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls – PSA 7 #59 $380.00
2021-08-16 1987/88 Fleer #59 Michael Jordan PSA 7 *9586 $420.95

How much is a 1986/87 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie card worth?

“There was all of a sudden immense, immense interest in anything Jordan.” If you bought an ’86 Fleer Jordan PSA 10 at auction a decade ago, you’d have been looking at a price tag of around $8,000. By the end of 2019, it hit the $40,000 range.

How much is a 1988 Fleer Michael Jordan worth?

Estimated PSA 10 Value: $1,650 Usually, Michael Jordan will be the most valuable card in any set from the 80s and 90s in which he appeared, but in this case, he narrowly misses out to the Pippen rookie.

How much is the 1987/88 Fleer Basketball set worth?

A 1987-88 Fleer Basketball set surprisingly sold for $45,000 on eBay. Some of the surprise disappears when one realizes each card was graded PSA 10.

How much is a 1987 Michael Jordan card worth?

The value of a 1987 Fleer Michael Jordan card will vary between $10 to $5,000 or more depending on its condition and whether it has been professionally graded.

What is the rarest hockey card in the world?

Wayne Gretzky rookie card
Heritage Auctions recently sold a rare 1979, Gem Mint 10 condition Wayne Gretzky rookie card for $3.75 million USD, which now holds the record for the most expensive hockey card ever. The card is expected to be only one of two known 1979 O-Pee-Chee Gretzky rookie cards with a perfect grading.

What is the most expensive Scottie Pippen card?

1996-97 Skybox Premium Autographics Scottie Pippen Pippen also has Autographics cards in several other sets, but the 1996-97 edition is the most valuable.