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How much is a pink Argyle diamond worth?

How much is a pink Argyle diamond worth?

As expensive as “regular” pink diamonds are, certified Argyle pink diamonds are even more expensive. While a 1 carat fancy pink (not a round) could go for roughly $140,000 to $180,000—depending on the quality of the color—a similar Argyle stone would easily fetch over $200,000.

Are Argyle pink diamonds a good investment?

The Argyle Mine In the past 11 years especially, many of the pink diamond prices have increased by 367%, making them a hard and stable investment, and one that clearly shows strong growth. This makes pink diamonds an intelligent investment.

Are Argyle pink diamonds increasing in value?

According to FCRF, pink diamonds are growing in value more than any other colour, with values rising 116 percent between 2010 and 2019, despite a 0.9 per cent dip between Q4 2019 and Q4 2020. The vast majority of the pink Argyle diamonds unearthed are very small and fall under the category of melee goods.”

Why are Argyle pink diamonds so expensive?

Argyle Pink Diamonds are so expensive because of the very limited supply. A pink diamond is formed of only carbon like a white diamond, through millions of years in the kimberlite pipes of volcanoes. These processes are permanent and do make a fancy colored stone or a white more reasonable in price.

Is Black Diamond rare?

A very high quality natural black diamond is incredibly rare since most carbonado is made up of minuscule, porous crystals. Due to this rarity, a natural gem quality black diamond can be more expensive than a colorless diamond of similar quality.

What is rarest diamond?

Quick answer: The rarest diamond color is the red diamond. They are so rare that less than 30 true red diamonds are known to exist. They can cost $1 million per carat and most of the red diamonds in existence are less than ½ a carat in size.

Will pink diamonds increase in value?

According to the FCRF, natural pink diamonds without Australian certification have only increased in value by a mere 1% in the past five years and that 1% growth happened in 2019.

How rare are Argyle pink diamonds?

Since it began, they have produced more than 824 million carats of rough diamonds. Fun fact on the Argyle Mine, less than 1% of the diamonds mined are actually the pink diamond, so you know how rare these are! On average, around 4,000 carats of the pink diamond is produced per year.

How can I tell if my black diamond is real?

Also, one of the best ways to identify a black diamond is to check it with a magnifying glass. No matter how shiny the black diamond looks, it always comes with a few nicks and scratches on its surface. Even if it is a AAA quality black diamond. A natural black diamond never has a smooth surface neither treated one.

How can I tell if my black diamond is raw?

Tips for identifying a raw diamond

  1. Fill a clear and normal-sized drinking glass and fill it with water to a 3/4 level.
  2. Then drop the stone you have into the glass.
  3. If it sinks, the stone is a genuine raw diamond. But if it floats, it’s fake.

What is the rarest diamond color?

Red diamonds
Red diamonds are the rarest of the colored diamonds, with only 20-30 existing in the entire world. They get their beautiful red color from a rare process during their formation, which changes the crystal structure of the diamond and causes light to pass through it differently than colorless diamonds.

What are the grades of Argyle pink diamonds?

With the addition of grades such as Fancy Deep, Fancy Intense, and Fancy Vivid, the tender diamonds were better recognized for their uniqueness and rich color appearances. Interest in Argyle pink diamonds certainly expands beyond the activity surrounding tenders.

How many carats of diamonds are in an Argyle Tender?

During this time, it has offered a total of 1,278 diamonds on tender for a total of 1176.08 carats. This translates to an annual average of 53.25 stones, and an average weight of 49.00 carats per year.

When was the 30th Argyle pink diamond tender?

The autumn of 2014 marked the 30th Argyle pink diamond tender. Each year has witnessed increasing participation and competition among diamantaires for invitations to the tender and the opportunity to place sealed bids on these select goods.

Where do they cut pink diamonds in Australia?

Over the past three decades, more than one thousand pink diamonds from Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Western Australia have been offered for sale at annual invitation-only events known as tenders. These diamonds, selected from the mine’s large annual production of rough, are cut and polished at the company’s factory in Perth for the tenders.