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How much is Shefit worth today?

How much is Shefit worth today?

Shefit – $13.8 Million Revenue |

Did Shark Tank invest in Shefit?

Shark Tank: Shefit Customizable Sports Bra Earns Deal from Daymond John for $250,000. Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec both agree that it is very padded, making it thicker than most sports bras. This allows for compression and encapsulation.

Is Shefit still in business?

Is Shefit Still in Business? Shefit is still in business today and continues to be a great success – showing no signs of slowing down. The products have tens of thousands of positive reviews on the company website and are helping women of all body types achieve maximum confidence and comfort during exercise.

Who invested in Shefit?

Over the next decade, the Moylans would invest nearly $400,000 in Shefit. By the time Shark Tank invited the couple to audition, they had hundreds of rave reviews online and, to keep up with demand, had moved manufacturing from Los Angeles to an overseas factory.

Who makes Shefit bras?

Sara Moylan
Shefit’s Sara Moylan with her husband, Robert, and their four daughters. Where did you get the idea for Shefit? I never had any intention of starting a business. I was trying to solve my own problem.

Where is Shefit based out of?

Grand Rapids, MI
Based in Grand Rapids, MI, SHEFIT has been ranked two years in a row as one of the top 100 fastest-growing privately held companies by Inc. 500 and a leading business by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Where is Shefit manufactured?

Our bras ship from MICHIGAN, not China. Be aware that other companies are stealing our videos and images to use as their own making it look like they “use the same models”. Pay attention, our Founder, Sara Marie, would not be on any other website or social media page other than SHEFIT.

Where is the Shefit warehouse?

It’s located at 3423 Quincy Street in Hudsonville.

Does Walmart sell Shefit bras?

Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra 2.0 (Medium, Turquoise) –

How long do Shefit bras last?

Let’s talk sports bra lifetime. It is suggested that most sports bras are replaced every 6-8 months. This is because a sports bra is usually washed often, and put to the test. Because of our premium quality, and 2-way stretch fabric our Shefit sisters find that their bra usually supports them for 6-8 months.

How long does it take to get a SHEFIT bra?

SHEFIT normally delivers within 5 Days.

Who owns SHEFIT bra?

Sara Moylan, the founder and owner of Shefit, was a student in the College of Arts, Sciences and Education in 2000, and a former Ferris cheerleader. Her husband, Bob, is a co-owner of the company.