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How much is the funeral procession painting worth?

How much is the funeral procession painting worth?

This painting went from obscurity to national recognition when on January 9, 1986 it was featured on the television series, The Cosby Show. In an episode called “The Auction,” Claire Huxtable wins the painting at an auction, paying $11,000 for it.

Who did the artwork on The Cosby Show?

Varnette P. Honeywood, an artist who gained fame when her vivid and joyful portraits of everyday lives of African Americans were prominently featured on TV’s “The Cosby Show,” has died. She was 59.

Who painted the painting on Good Times?

Ernie Barnes
Ernie Barnes painted “The Sugar Shack” in the 1970s. It appeared on the sitcom “Good Times” and as the album cover for Marvin Gaye’s “I Want You.” At the California African American Museum’s retrospective dedicated to late artist and former NFL player Ernie Barnes, “The Sugar Shack” is an undeniable star.

Is it a law in Georgia to pull over for a funeral procession?

(d) The operator of a vehicle not in a funeral procession shall not interrupt a funeral procession except when authorized to do so by a traffic officer or when such vehicle is an authorized emergency vehicle or law enforcement vehicle giving an audible and visual signal.

What other show or artist copied a black show artist?

the Cosby Show
While there is little formal data to suggest a direct correlation between the Cosby Show and the acquisition of black art from African-Americans (and other groups for that matter) it is clear that popular cultural venues like Good Times, and The Cosby Show have increased the visibility of black artists and their works.

What picture is it on The Cosby Show?

The picture, Ellis Wilson’s circa 1947 oil on composite board, Funeral Procession, was just one of many pieces of fine art that hung in the Huxtable house.

Can JJ Walker really paint?

“J. J. Evans’ character (played by Jimmie Walker) is based on Ernie Barnes and Ernie’s paintings were shown as J. J.’s paintings.” But Barnes, who often sketched images while on the sidelines during games, refused to quit drawing and painting.

What is the purpose of a funeral procession?

Funeral Processions. A Funeral Procession-is essentially a parade of mourners following the deceased and the conveyor of the deceased from the memorial site to the burial site. Through the ages it has varied from people walking and carrying the deceased, to the modern vehicle processions with hearses and limousines.

What are the rules for funeral processions?

Stay with the procession and in line at all times, even if you are going through a red light. Local rules give funeral processions the right-of-way. The last car in the procession usually has two funeral flags or will have their hazard lights on to signify that the procession has ended.

Who leads a funeral procession?

The procession is typically led by a black sedan (known as the “lead car”) bearing white funeral flags with hazard lights flashing – this lets other motorists know that a funeral procession is moving through traffic.

What is the definion of funeral procession?

A funeral procession is a procession , usually in motor vehicles or by foot, from a funeral home or place of worship to the cemetery or crematorium. In earlier times the deceased was typically carried by male family members on a bier or in a coffin to the final resting place.