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How often should you reseal your driveway?

How often should you reseal your driveway?

After the initial seal, asphalt should be resealed once every three to five years. If you live in a climate with freezing winters and hot summers, consider resealing your driveway once every two to three years.

Why do I need to reseal my driveway?

The surface starts to deteriorate as soon as asphalt is laid. Kindler maintains that sealing driveways is necessary to restore the top layer and protect sand and gravel embedded in the asphalt from the damaging effects of water and oxygen. He likens sealing to protecting exposed metal.

Is it hard to reseal a driveway?

Driveway sealing preparation can take a full day (including drying time), and it’s tedious. Most driveway sealer manufacturers recommend two coats with a minimum drying time of eight hours between coats, so this driveway sealing project will fill an entire weekend.

How long should I let my driveway after it is sealed?

You can typically drive on sealed asphalt after 24 hours. However, we recommend giving it 48 hours, if possible, to be sure. If the weather is humid, cloudy, or cool, we recommend to give your asphalt an additional day to dry.

What is driveway sealing?

Sealcoating, or pavement sealing, is the process of applying a protective coating to asphalt-based pavements to provide a layer of protection from the elements: water, oils, and U.V. damage. Asphalt sealing can also make the asphalt more slippery and impact the environment.

How long does driveway sealer last?

Seal coating can last up to three years if your pavement is in great shape, however, older asphalt may need to be resealed annually.

How long should I stay off my driveway after it is sealed?

48 hours
During the summer months of May through August we recommend staying off the driveway with vehicles for 48 hours. After September 1st allow 72 hours or more depending on the temperature. Driveway sealer will dry like paint from the top down. It may feel dry on the surface but may still be wet underneath.

What is the average cost to seal a driveway?

In the east, the average cost for driveway sealing is typically between $.10-$.16 per square foot. So for a 1000 sq. ft. driveway it will cost between $100-$160. In the upper-midwest, many driveway contractors charge per 1000 sq. ft., typically between $85-$100 per 1000 sq. ft. with a minimum charge of $100.

How much does it cost to seal an asphalt driveway?

The national average range to sealcoat an asphalt driveway is $355 – $600 , with most people paying around $468 for an asphalt-based sealer on a flat 20 x 20-foot flat driveway in fair condition. Updated: Feb 21, 2021 What’s new? The low, average, and high costs were updated with our new 2021 data.

When to seal new driveway?

To preserve your new driveway, it is advisable to seal coat it after it has been paved. Sealing too soon, however, may cause damage to your new drive. The best time to seal is 6-12 months after it has been paved and every 2-3 years after that. Sealing is done in the spring, summer and early autumn.

Should you seal new asphalt?

Most experts agree asphalt should not be sealed for a minimum of 6 months after installation. If you do it sooner than 6 months, you’re taking a big risk. As a matter of fact, some contractors may try to sell you on sealing a new asphalt driveway or new asphalt overlay immediately after paving it.