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How selective is SSP?

How selective is SSP?

However, you should probably think of backups as the acceptance rate is around 10%. It is pretty competitive. My son attended an astrophysics section of SSP last summer – it’s a fantastic, extremely rigorous program. Admission is very competitive, so you should definitely have alternate summer plans.

Is it hard to get an A in EPQ?

This sounds good, but there are a few hidden factors that you might not be aware of. For one, only 17.7 % of students achieved an A* for their EPQ. That means only 17.7% of students earned the maximum of 28 UCAS points for all their hard work. The majority of students earn an A for their EPQ, meaning 24 UCAS points.

How competitive is Promys?

PROMYS is collaborative, not competitive. Informal instructional support from counselors and peers is constantly available – both small group and individual. Everyone engages with the mathematics in a productive and worthwhile manner.

Can I get into Oxford with bad GCSEs?

GCSEs are not well regarded in general, and not a terribly good indicator of ability from the point of view of university admissions, although they indicate some ability to study in a disciplined fashion. If you are predicted suitable grades for Oxbridge then you have a good chance of getting an interview.

How do you get into a competitive program?

How to Be a Competitive College Applicant

  1. Exceed the admission requirements.
  2. Take your academics to the finish line.
  3. Focus on your college application early.
  4. Showcase involvement in your school and community.
  5. Explain any hiccups on your transcript.
  6. Write an essay that the admission committee wants to read.
  7. Reach out to the college admission office.

Does Oxbridge look at GCSE results?

If you are shortlisted, your performance in interviews will also be taken into account. Higher grades at GCSE can help to make your application more competitive, and successful applicants typically have a high proportion of A and A* grades or 7,8 and 9 grades. However, we do look at GCSE grades in context.

Can you do an EPQ in year 13?

There’s no set time limit for doing an EPQ, but most students use the summer vacation at the end of Year 12 to do the preliminary research and then complete the project in the early part of Year 13.

Do Cambridge care about EPQ?

Successful applicants are typically asked for 85-90% overall, with scores of 9 or above in subjects most closely related to the course they want to study. We welcome the EPQ and would encourage applicants to take one as it will help to develop independent study and research skills valuable for higher education.

How many hours does an EPQ take?

120 hours