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How to not give up and still become a programmer?

You day and night in the sweat of learning the syntax, frameworks, solve problems, attend courses, watch video tutorials, read books, but still cannot break the deadlock to finally start coding it yourself or find a first job.

You repeatedly opens IDE to start writing code, but then postpone this activity. Because at the moment you want to write code. And you on the fifth circle read the posts on Facebook, watching cat videos and stupid gifs. You may think that studying programming is not for you.

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You will once again usher in an important and challenging book on programming, but no matter how you tried to focus, the information stored in the memory. Moreover, constantly have several times reread sentence by sentence, to understand a little bit what it’s about.

Familiar? Sometimes, especially in the process of learning something new and difficult, your brain starts to play a tricky game. He is trying to resist the training, will drive you into a state of procrastination and stupor. The wrong in this situation is to give up and surrender to the power of despair. In this article we will discuss how to deal with procrastination how to make the brain to learn and how to ultimately get the job, integrate into the environment of professional developers.

What is procrastination?

In fact, procrastination is a habit. You stereotyped react to some stimulus, when you should do what you want. As a consequence, you are trying to postpone the “unloved” business in a box and come up with all sorts of things in return, but would not do something important. But what is fun for a short time, is not always helpful in the long run. Fortunately, procrastination can be fought like any other bad habit.

Here are some tips that you should do and what we should pay attention:

Don’t waste your willpower on fighting procrastination. Because it is as vain as to fight with pathology dragon without special weapons. You will cut off the head and with an effort of will to force yourself to learn, then have to spend a lot of energy, and the head will grow again. In the end, you will at some point just drop it and leave the field of battle.

Do not leave anything to the last minute. Imagine sportsmen, who begins to train two days before the race. How do you think he will feel and in what condition will his muscles if he will do two days of 10 hours each, instead of 2 months for an hour? Do you think after this he will have chances to run a marathon? You obviously don’t. As with muscles, the brain needs to train gradually, little by little, but constantly. It is better to learn for 20 minutes, but for 10 days than 10 hours, but for two days.

Take breaks while studying. Yes, allow yourself to relax and sleep well. Don’t just memorize the days and nights are long. Sitting for long periods of time on study, you will learn more. Due to the small respite, our brain gets the opportunity to “digest” the information.

Do not procrastinate. The longer the delay, the more we need to learn. So, the worse and harder for us to do it. Paradoxically, the fact, the better you are mastering some skill, the more you like them to do.

“Collective wisdom”. Don’t be afraid to seek advice from colleagues and other students. If you are alone, be sure to find a mentor, which will be able to turn to for advice in moments of stupor. If you cannot find a mentor, go to courses. Try to ask any more questions even if they seem extremely stupid.

Focus on the process, not the result. Very often, we get hung up on the result. And if it is not reached, we are visited by thoughts that have caused pain in the brain, causing us to procrastinate. For example, we think, to find my first job, so many still need to learn. Release these thoughts, better to focus on the process: I teach, I write, I do. And you will not notice how soon will say: I work.

In this part we talk to you about how best to learn how to deal with terrible and uncontrollable procrastination.

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When procrastination is defeated

Now I would like to give some advice on what to do when you defeat a snake.

Once you learn to keep yourself under control, your business will noticeably go up. You will more get pleasure from the process of production and practical application of new knowledge. At some point you feel that you are ready to start work. Again, not to fall into the trap of procrastination, set a goal and create motivation. For example, the goal: I find the first job for 3 months.

Make sure to plan for what steps you will take in order to find work:

  • write a good summary in two languages
  • keep track of jobs and to respond to them
  • make a list of companies that fit the profile I will send them your resume with a motivation letter,
  • begin to prepare for interviews is to tighten the theoretical knowledge will prepare its first programming portfolio.

But the motivation is very individual, but always important. Find something: money, leisure, friends, lovers, shopping, etc.

Hopefully, now that you know what is procrastination and how to fight it, you will be much easier to move along your intended path and not stray from it. Most importantly, remember that rest is also useful. Struggling with your hell, do not forget to sleep well (this is the most important condition for a good assimilation of knowledge), to escape, for example, exercise, good and tasty to eat. I am sure that by following these useful tips, you will achieve success!