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How to Write a Written Report

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The structure of a patient case report comprises the following five parts: an abstract, an introductory part and goal, which include a review of literary works, the description, a discussion part that features an in-depth explanation regarding the review of literary works, an overview of the case, and a concluding part. Additional components such as, for example, graphs, charts, figures, and illustrations supply crucial data and may enhance flow of the article. Generally speaking, the majority of data found in additional components really have not to be duplicated within the boundaries of the text. Reports of patient cases are able to make a description of a single case report or a few of them. In general, case reports are 1600-2700 words in total with 25-35 sources applied. When one deals with student report writing, do not forget that the title of the given papers must certainly be descriptive, precise, and brief.


This part has to contain no more than 250 words. Availability of abstract will permit a simpler retrieval from electric databases and assist researchers in discerning their particular interest level in the report. Abstract has to cover the similar four parts as the main text in a brief form – introduction part together with objective, presentation of case, part of discussion, and concluding section – but the structure can vary greatly according to a journal’s style if intended for publication.

Introductory Part

The introductory part has to be brief and outstanding and be of great interest for potential readers. It needs to demonstrate the subject, goal, and advantage of the case report. Simultaneously, it has to demonstrate background information that presents clarity to the whole subject. This needs to be followed closely by a reason of why the case report is either merits review or a novel. The centered comprehensive review of literary sources that corroborates claims of an author has to accompany the introductory part. In case several citations are found, cite them in a chronological order; although, a great number of citations are found, cite only historical and seminal references.

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Presentation of Case

The description of patient case is thought out to be one of the most important parts of the report. It has to make a description chronologically as well as in details for readers to form their own concerning validity of the case. The report, which comprises relevant information about patient, will give a possibility to readers with an alternative clinical expertise to locate idiosyncracies not defined by an author and encourages additional commentary. The presentation of case should only add information that relates to the actual situation and avoid providing complicated and superfluous data. Only be following these guidelines, you will gain a chance to become a real report writer assistant.

Discussion Part

The discussion part is one of the most significant parts of the report. The given part has to evaluate the case of a patient for precision, validity, and individuality; compare and contrast the outcome report with the usage of the posted literature; and derive brand-new knowledge and usefulness to practice.

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Concluding Part

In line with the supportive facts reviewed in the part of discussion, the author should present a justified conclusion. The author must certainly be cautious not to ever make firm judgments and indiscriminate recommendations based on conjecture, on restricted information or on several case reports. Nevertheless, justifiable recommendations have to be claimed. At the same time, remember about the possibility to address to online reporting service in case of need.

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