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Indian Bank Netbanking Complete Guide

Indian Bank Netbanking Complete Guide

Indian banks have always been among the largest financial institutions of the world.

Be it loans, transfers, account facilities or insurance schemes, there has been no such area related to the monetary aspect of the society where Indian banks do not excel. And now, due to the rapid technological advancement, Indian banks have also excelled various online banking or Netbanking services such as online fund transfers, online balance inquiry, online transaction statements and what not.

As generic as the name sounds, Indian Bank is one of the leading financial institutions in India and it is no different when it comes to taking its services online for the utter convenience of its customers. In this article, we will be discussing the various aspects of Indian Bank Netbanking.

Indian Bank Netbanking

Netbanking, as the name suggests, is a way of banking over the internet. It implies that almost all the services related to the banks which could be earlier accessed only by visiting the branch physically can now be accessed at the ease of one’s home with the help of just a computer and a valid internet connection.

With the increasing culture of smartphones and apps, almost every Bank has launched its own personalized smartphone app that acts as a portal for the customer to enter the bank’s online offerings for taking advantage of any of the available services.

Indian Bank smartphone app demands the user to register himself in the app by filling up a simple form asking about their account credentials. Once registered, the customer can log in to the same app by entering his/her username and password. The customer is then taken to a user-interface that shows various services that are offered by the bank. Similarly, if one wishes to use a computer or a laptop to access all the online services offered by Indian Bank, then he will have to visit the official website of Indian Bank and click on the icon that says “NetBanking”.

He will be then taken to the login page where he’ll have to enter his login credentials. Once logged-in, the customer can avail all the services that are offered by Indian Bank Netbanking portal.

Indian Bank Netbanking Services

Now, let’s discuss the various online services that are offered by Indian Bank Netbanking website for the ease of its valuable customers. The services can be broadly categorized into two major heads:-

1.Non-transactional Tasks:-

● Viewing account balances

● Viewing transaction history

● Downloading the bank statement in the form of a PDF document

● Applying for a certain banking service

  1. Transactional Tasks:-

    ● Fund Transfers to one’s own accounts

    ● Fund transfers to other person’s account

    ● Payments to third parties

    ● Purchase and/or sale of investments

    ● Apply for loans

    ● Payment of loans

    ● Apply for Debit or Credit card

    ● NEFT

    ● RTGS

    ● BHIM UPI

All the services mentioned above are very intuitive when it comes to the user interface and they are fairly easy to be understood by a common internet user. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to get your hold on any of the above-mentioned features.

With just a little knowledge about internet and apps, you can get in the flow with using the app and/or website based Indian Bank Netbanking. With just a single tap you can control all your banking affairs. It won’t be wrong to state that internet banking or Netbanking is the latest and greatest trend in the banking sector. It saves the customer from the hassles of travelling far from the comfort of one’s home just to visit a bank physically merely for a few simple queries related to a bank account.

It even saves the customers from waiting in long queues for numerous hours. Indian Bank is one of the highly trusted financial institutions which the citizens of India can rely upon with closed eyes.

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In the end, we would just like to mention that if you happen to be one of the prestigious customers of Indian Bank than you shall avail the facility of Indian Bank Netbanking either by downloading the respective app onto your smartphone or by simply visiting their website and registering yourself as soon as possible.  For More check financexod netbanking Guide.

No need to worry as most of the online frauds can be prevented because the website is safely monitored by VeriSign’s Norton Security Integration.

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